DIY Nursing Pillow and Covers

Back when I was working on projects for the nursery I also made a few other baby items. One of those items was a nursing pillow similar to ones that you can purchase. I’ve heard somewhat mixed reviews on these so I was a little hesitant to spend the money to buy one.

Instead I did some searching on the internet and I ended up finding a combination of two online tutorials to make my own pillow and cover. The first blog post by <A Load of Craft> has a link to the pattern I used and the second tutorial on <Vanilla Joy> has a little bit more description on how to make the pillow and covers.

I printed out the pattern pieces and assembled them like in the directions.

DIY Boppy 1

With my pattern assembled I cut out two pieces of white muslin for the main pillow. I serged around the edges and then used a 1/2″ seem allowance to sew the pillow together. I left a big enough opening in the seam so that the pillow could be stuffed with filling.

DIY Boppy 2

After the pillow was sewn together I turned it right side out, ironed it then added a bunch of polyester fiber fill. I had read online that the biggest complaint about other nursing pillows was that it’s too soft and flattens too easily especially once it’s been used a while. Because of this I probably ended up over stuffing my pillow a little bit. Once the pillow was stuffed I hand sewed the opening closed.

DIY Boppy 3

To make the pillow case a little softer and easier to wash I made two covers to go on it. Instead of using the pattern that included extra pieces for the zipper section I used the same pattern as for the pillow to cut out two pieces of fabric. then I just sewed on an invisible zipper right into the top of the seem.

DIY Boppy 4

After I sewed in the zipper I sewed up the rest of the seam and tried it out on the pillow. It fits nice and snug. I’m glad I put the zipper in the seam instead of along the back like in the other tutorials. This way I can use either side of the pillow as the top and the zipper won’t be in the way.

DIY Boppy 5

Here’s the two covers I made. Each with one side cotton print and the other soft minky.

DIY Boppy 6 DIY Boppy 7 DIY Boppy 8 DIY Boppy 9

Now that Nolan is 5 months old I can tell you my thoughts on the pillow. I am glad that I had it especially in those first few weeks but I’m also glad I didn’t spend the money to buy an official breastfeeding pillow since I didn’t use it very much past the first few weeks. Honestly I regular bed pillow would have been good enough for me but everyone is different.

As far as the stuffing is concerned I am glad that I over stuffed it since it held up Nolan’s weight really well as a newborn and it’s held it’s shape over time.

I’m also glad I made two covers and went with the minky on one side. I ended up using the minky side up most of the time and if anything got on it I could pretty much wipe it right off since minky is a little bit water resistant.

Since Nolan is older now I think we’ve used it more for things other than feeding him. For a while I would lay him on it to prop him up a bit and now as he’s getting just a little closer to sitting I put it around him every once and a while so he can sort of sit on his own.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 12

So I’d say if you’ve got some sewing knowledge and some extra fabric like I did go for making your own. It’s a really simple project and you can save some money instead of paying the $30-50 that it would cost to purchase a pillow and two covers.

Baby Shower Gifts

Here’s another one of those posts I’ve been hanging onto for a long time. It’s not really a tutorial of anything but more just a memory of a few things that I made as baby shower gifts back well before Nolan was born.

The first set of gifts went to my cousin Kayla for her first baby who is now getting so close to 1 year old.

The main part of the gift was a car seat quilt and a car seat tent. I used the same basic measurements that I’ve used before. You can check out those posts here and here.

While I was making these gifts I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy myself and wasn’t feeling all too well. So instead of making an elaborate pattern I ended up finding what I thought was a really cute flannel that looked like it was a quilt pattern.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 3

The quilt was just flannel on one side and minky on the other with grosgrain ribbon ties.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 5 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 6 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 7

The tent was made out of the same flannel and a lighter pink minky for the back.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 10 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 11 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 12

With some of the left over fabrics I made a little taggie blanket.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 1 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 2 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 4

One of the last items was a matching burp rag. It’s got the same flannel pattern with a pink terry cloth backing.

Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 8 Kayla's Baby Shower Gifts 9

As I got even farther into my pregnancy I made a few things for my sister in law’s first baby. You can tell I wasn’t very motivated to blog at the time because all I ended up taking was a shot of everything together.

The little rag quilt is from the Simplicity Pattern 1822 which I’ve used before. I’ve also got another burp cloth like the one I made above and a little ribbon pacifier clip.

Heather's Baby Shower Gift 1

Keeping track of projects like this was one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. It didn’t feel like a really exciting post but I do enjoy being able to remember these types of projects.

Nolan’s 5 Month Update

We have made it to five months old. I took the photos just a few days after he turned 5 months, it’s just taken me a little longer to get up the blog post.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 1

Stats: He hasn’t been to the doctor this month but we have weighed him at home. According to our scale he’s 14lbs 10oz but I’ve always felt that our scale measures light so he’s probably a little bigger than this. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how big he is at his 6 month appointment.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 2

Clothing Size: He’s currently wearing only 6 month cloths. We switched over just before 4 months and it already feels like he’s almost growing out of them. I know that the cloth diapers do make his cloths fit a little tighter so we’ll see how long we can make them last.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 3

Sleep: I think one word sums it up: Inconsistent. Naps are pretty much all over the place and change from day to day. His wake time has been all over the place in the morning as well. It can be anywhere from 6:30 – 8:00 depending on how the night went or if he woke up in the early morning and I fed him and put him down again. He takes his first nap somewhere between 1-1.5 hours after we officially get up for the day. The rest of the day he’s usually up about 1.5 to 2 hours and then takes a nap. His naps last anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 usually. When he goes down at night varies widely based on whether or not he just decides to “nap” after 6 pm or just keep sleeping. If he doesn’t wake up on his own I usually wake him up to eat one last time between 8:30 – 9:30 before I go to bed. From there he sleeps until anywhere from 4:00-7:30 am before waking up. So I guess you could consider that sleeping through the night. Although many nights lately he’s been waking up between 4 and 5:30 and I’ve been feeding him and putting him back down to sleep for a few more hours.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 4

Eating: He’s still exclusively breastfeeding. Since he’s sleeping longer at night we recently dropped another feeding. Right now he usually eats 6 times in a 24 hour period. Some days he ends up eating 7 times if he’s eating close together during the day or if for some reason the normal schedule gets thrown off like when we are traveling.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 5

Milestones: He is laughing and smiling a lot. His best laughs are when I’m genuinely laughing at him for some reason and he’s laughing back. I can usually get at least a little giggle out of him by smiling and touching my nose to his. Occasionally he’ll laugh if I try to tickle him in some way. He loves to look at us and smile, laugh and show off his dimples.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 6

He’s starting to grab things better and better every day. He still can’t quite figure out how to get the pacifier in his own mouth consistently but every once in a while he gets lucky. Then he usually pulls it out because he can’t figure out how to let go of it without pulling it out.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 7

He’s been rolling over from front to back since before he was 2 months old. Just in the past few weeks or so he’s been rolling over from back to front (although he seems to do it most frequently over one shoulder but not the other). He’s doing it multiple times a day. Usually once he’s on his tummy he has a really hard time rolling back over and frequently gets frustrated. It’s like he’s forgotten how while he was working on the other way. He is getting better and occasionally will roll from his tummy to his back.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 8

Things we want to remember: He’s adorable baby giggle. I never think to try and catch it on camera but I would love to have it to look back on. Since I know I’ll probably not get the chance with a second baby I’ve also been enjoying the occasional nap on my chest during the day.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 9

Things that were invaluable this month: I have a love hate relationship with the SwaddleMe swaddles. They are the only swaddles that out little Houdini doesn’t immediately get out of but he still can and frequently does. He has a really hard time falling asleep without being swaddled but on some days it’s almost impossible to swaddle him in the first place. We’re going through another one of those phases now. I attempted to wean him off the swaddle earlier this month and it didn’t go well so we’re still swaddling.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 10

Favorites: He loves just about anything he can grab. He loves the Sofie toy especially when I squeak it or whenever he can get it in his mouth. Other than that he’s been loving the Oball rattle and any of the teethers we have I think just because he can easily get them in his mouth. He spends quite a bit of time rolling around under the baby gym and grabbing at toys as he goes.

Nolans 5 Month Photo 11 Nolans 5 Month Photo 12 Nolans 5 Month Photo 13

It’s amazing how it feels like the time is dragging on and yet it’s flown by so quickly. Sometimes it feels like a phase is lasting forever but it really couldn’t have been going on too long since he’s only 5 months old.

Kindle E-Reader Cover

Before Nolan was born I had a few posts in various stages of being worked on. Obviously I never got around to finishing them but I don’t want to leave them out so I’m going to try to finish them up now. One of those projects was a kindle pouch that I made back in last January (as in 2014) and I just never got around to finishing up the post. Chris and I were planning on a vacation at the time and I knew I wanted to take my kindle along. I already had two different pouches. One that was envelope style that was really bulking and another that I had made a while ago that was book styled and I never loved how it looked or worked.

I did a little searching on the internet and found a pattern that I thought I would like a little better. I hoped it would be protective yet slim and flexible.

Kindle Cover 7

I used <this tutorial> to come up with the size and the basics of how to put it together.

I cut out one piece of a pink chevron cotton, one piece of black chevron flannel and one of quilt batting. All of which I already had on hand. I chose the flannel for the inside because I wanted it to be a little softer so it wouldn’t scratch the screen.

Kindle Cover 2

Just like in the <tutorial> I rounded the top edge for the flap using a diapering ink pen.

Kindle Cover 3

Before I assembled it all together I attached half of the velcro to the flannel since that’s what I used for the inside of the pouch.

Kindle Cover 4

Then I sewed all three layers together and left a small opening at the bottom to turn the fabric right side out.

Kindle Cover 5

Once it was turned right side out and ironed I top stitched the bottom to close the hole. Then I folded up the bottom to make the pouch and top stitched around the rest of the pouch.

Kindle Cover 6

Lastly I lined up where I needed the second half of the velcro and sewed that in place.

Kindle Cover 7

Kindle Cover 8

I ended up using the pouch for our trip and it worked out great. It was slim and protective and when I wanted to read I could just pull out my kindle and there was nothing else in the way. I just love projects that I can do with what I already have. Especially since lets be honest I already have way to much fabric.

Have you ever created your own case or pouch for a tablet or e-reader? What style is yours?

Nolan’s Monthly Photos 1-4

Since I’m just now getting back into blogging I’ve got a few months of Nolan’s photos to catch up on posting. So much of the time has already started to blur together. In future months I’ll probably write a little more of a specific update on how the month has gone but in the mean time here’s Nolan up until now.

Looking at his one month photo I miss that tiny little body and all those warm, sleepy snuggles. However, I do not miss how little sleep I was getting.

1 Month

I think around the two month mark he started to roll over from front to back. He doesn’t always do it now but he still can.

2 Month Photo 1

2 Month Photo 2 2 Month Photo 3 2 Month Photo 4 2 Month Photo 5 2 Month Photo 6

Around the three month mark I think he starting grabbing and batting at toys with a lot more precision. He still couldn’t always get what he wanted (and still can’t) but he was showing interest and getting better at it.

3 Month Photo 1 3 Month Photo 2 3 Month Photo 3

At his four month well child visit he was 13lb 14oz and 25 inches long. He’s grabbing toys like crazy and trying to roll over from front to back. Right now he’s still getting “stuck” about halfway over.

4 Month Photo 1 4 Month Photo 2

We are frequently able to get him to smile and laugh now. We just have a hard time capturing it on camera (without the blurry hands).

4 Month Photo 3

Our little wiggle worm won’t stay anywhere for very long. He may not be rolling over but he’s still finding ways to wiggle around in circles. I occasionally find him turned 180 degrees in his crib by morning.

4 Month Photo 4

We are pretty much past the stage of having him easily fall asleep on us. I loved being able to hold him for hours while he slept on me all warm and snugly.

4 Month Photo 5 4 Month Photo 6

Fall Yarn Wreath 2014

I have to admit that fall just came up out of nowhere for me. I guess it’s here’s since it’s getting colder and all the leaves are turning and falling off the trees. That being said my yarn wreaths still had spring flowers from when I switched out the last time (which still had fall leaves on them from last year).

Since my fall wreaths stayed on the front porch until last spring the paper didn’t really survive very well. I ended up just throwing away all the decor I used last year.

This year I just wanted to do something really quick and inexpensive.

Fall Yarn Wreath 1

I ended up gathering a few fall colored papers I already had on hand and then just cut a few leaves and a bow shape out using my Silhouette Portrait. The only thing I had to purchase was the bow shape from the Silhouette store since I already had the leave shapes from last year.

Fall Yarn Wreath 2

They may not look amazing but they were really quick and only cost a dollar to make.

Fall Yarn Wreath 3 Fall Yarn Wreath 4

Now I guess I can forget about them until next spring like last year.

If you’re interested you can find the leaf cut outs here and here and the bow cut out here.

Woodland Animal Nursery Reveal

Here it is. The nursery reveal! I’m calling it finished . . . at least for now. Lets take a little tour of how it all turned out and I’ll mention all the sources I can along the way.

Nursery Final Reveal 1

First up I’ll start behind the door on the left hand side of the room.

Nursery Final Reveal 2

These two paintings were made by a good friend of mine Christina. They are just so cute and match the theme of the room perfectly.

Nursery Final Reveal 3

Nursery Final Reveal 4

Rounding the corner we’ve got a bunch of things going on.

Nursery Final Reveal 5

I made the shelves back when this room was the sewing room. (Info here). The decor on the shelves is a mix of things from Hobby Lobby, Target, Ikea and some things I already had.

Nursery Final Reveal 6

The mobile in the corner was a decoration from one of my baby showers and it was made by another friend Callie.

Nursery Final Reveal 7

Moving down is the Ikea Poang chair frame in black brown with the DIY cushions I made. I’ve also got a couple of throw pillows I made on the chair. Instead of an ottoman I made a fabric pouf to throw around. I’m using the Ikea Raskog cart as an end table and it’s pretty much just got a few nursing items on it that I think might be useful. On top of the cart I’ve got one of the Ikea Ekarp lamp bases with the Umfors shade.

Nursery Final Reveal 8

It’s a little hard to see but the fabric basket I made is tucked in between the chair and the crib. The crib is the Ikea Sundvik and the mattress sheet and crib skirt were both made by me. The flag garland above the crib is another DIY project that I finished up recently.

Nursery Final Reveal 9

In the window is the roman shade I made a while ago as well as the new curtains. I’ve even got the garland that matches the mobile hanging in the window for now.

Nursery Final Reveal 10

Under the window is the Ikea Expedit (Kallax) shelving that we added the 4 1/2″ Ikea Capita legs to. Inside the shelves are a bunch of the Drona boxes also from Ikea.

Nursery Final Reveal 11

On the last wall is the DIY laundry basket that’s hiding in the corner. Next to the basket is the baby dresser and the Ikea Hemnes dresser that we repainted and added new knobs to. The taller dresser is holding clothes and a few blankets. Hidden inside the other dresser is diapers and a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff organized in a few sets of the Ikea Skubb boxes.

Nursery Final Reveal 12

The woodland animal art I made is hanging above both of the dressers. Whenever I take photos of them they look like they are spaced and hanging awkwardly. In person it looks better but it’s hard to get a good angle in this small room.

Nursery Final Reveal 14

Lastly I’ve got a couple of the Ikea Vackert containers holding pacifiers on top of the dresser and some of the Y weave baskets from Target holding diapering things. The changing pad is from BabiesRUs and the cover was another DIY project.

Nursery Final Reveal 13

The room was painted over a year ago now and the walls are Zinc (MSL267) and the ceiling is Sunken Pool (MSL126), more info here.

So that’s it. It’s a little crowed with everything but it’s hard to maximize storage without a closet. So far I haven’t quite filled up all the drawers and boxes. I’ve got some boxes in the shelves and some space in the shorter dresser to put more things. Now all that’s left is bringing home our new baby boy and see how the room works. I have no doubt things will be reorganized and moved around once we see how everything gets used.

Woodland Animal Canvas for the Nursery

Back when I created the nursery mood board I mentioned that I had found some really cute woodland animal cutouts from the Silhouette store. I knew that I wanted to incorporate them somehow and I finally decided on making some art to hang on the nursery.

I picked up six flat canvas boards to use as backgrounds. I also picked out three paint colors that matched the papers I picked out as well and the rest of the room colors. The colors I grabbed where Indian Turquoise Barn Wood and Irish Moss.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 3

To give the canvas a sharp border I used a one inch frog tape around the edges of the canvas. It’s pretty similar to what the creator of the cutouts did on her blog post here.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 1

It took about three coats to get a good full coverage of the colors. Once they were dry I just peeled off the tape.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 2

As for the animals I just adjusted the sizes and cut them out using my silhouette. I used glue to assemble the layers of the animals and then I used sticky glue dots to attach them to the canvas.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 4

I love how all the animals turned out. I think they are just so cute and fill up this wall without being too much.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 5

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 6

Chris helped me line everything up over the dressers and we used 3m velcro tabs to hang up all the canvases.

Nursery Woodland Animal Canvas 7

I think that pretty much concludes the nursery! Stay tuned for the final reveal. I’ve finally picked up and I’ve got a few more fun decorative finishes to share.

If you’re interested in the cutouts here’s the links: fox, raccoon, hedgehog, deer, owl, skunk.

Nursery Flag Garland

I’m so very close to calling this room done. At least for now. All I really have left to talk about are a couple of decorative projects I’ve finished.

One of these projects is a flag garland I sewed for over the crib. All over the internet I have seen flag garlands and I thought it would be a fun way to decorate the space above the crib.

With a little research and planning it was a really simple project. All it took was some triangles of fabric and a length of double fold bias tape. I think the triangles I made were close to 6 1/2″ long and about 6 1/2″ wide. The fabrics are the same ones that I’ve been using all over the nursery.

Nursery Flag Garland 1 Nursery Flag Garland 2

I love the way it turned out and I think it nicely fills the blank space on the wall.

Nursery Flag Garland 3

You may not remember from my nursery to do list but I actually mentioned that I wanted to have a monogram or something with the baby’s name over the crib. Well we decided on a name and I cut out letters using my silhouette and appliqued them on the flags. They are currently hiding on the back side for the flag garland. Sorry Grandma Dixie we still aren’t sharing but we’re getting close to the due date so you’ll find out soon. :)

Update: Now that our baby boy is born we’ve turned the flag garland around. Check out his introduction post here.

Nolans Birth 11