Jumping on the Canvas Bandwagon

It seems like painting canvases is all over Pinterest. I find a new canvas inspiration at least once a week that I love. So, after finding some inexpensive canvases at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s I started working on a few fun ways to use them.

The first set I wanted to do was two 8×10’s and two 11×14’s. After painting the base an off white for a crisp uniform color, I taped off and painted a chevron pattern on two and stripes on the others. I used just the basic acrylic paints that can be found in most craft stores. Then I printed out letters on computer paper and cut them out with an exacto knife to use as stencils to create the lettering.

For all you lovers of either Switchfoot or The Chronicles of Narnia you might recognize the quote. If not check it out on youtube! (This Is Home)

I really enjoy the fun pop of color that now fills a once empty wall in our family room.  They were simple and quick to make. I think it took me a lot longer to figure out what I wanted to do then to actually paint them.

Now I have one more thing hung up on the wall! Little by little I’m filling all the empty walls we had when we moved in.

Have you been jumping on the canvas “painting” bandwagon lately?

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