Quick Bench Update

I bought the Molger bench at Ikea a few years ago to use as a coffee table to go with my tiny couch. After I bought a real couch and got married it ended up living at the foot of our new bed so we could pile stuff on it. It got thrown here again when we moved into the new house.

Our bedroom furniture is all from Ikea (of course) and happens to be all black and white. I never really liked the mix of colors and wood in our room and I kept talked about painting it white to match our nightstands.

Well it never got that far. I was looking for something to go near our garage entry to catch things on the way in the door and this bench was the right size. After painting and hanging the canvases above were I wanted to place the bench I decided to go with blue to match.

After giving the bench a light sanding and wiping it with a wet cloth, I used a basic white Rust-Oleum primer to base coat it. Then once that was dry I gave it a few coats of a true blue color.

It turned out to be a great landing spot for bags, purses and other things we want to remember to grab on the way out the door in the morning. Unfortunately, it more frequently looks like this than I would care to admit:

It looks a little more like this once I prettied it up a bit up to take a photo. I tossed some magazines on the bottom to display and get them off the floor.

I think I ended using one can of blue paint and could have used more as there were still a few splotchy areas. Although the spots aren’t very noticeable from a distance and they don’t bother me at all.

I just love the bright color splash on this wall now!

Have you taken spray paint to something to give it a new look? Is anyone else in love with the new HGTV mag like me?


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