Chevron Thread Holder

For a while now I have been thinking about making a thread holder. I love the idea of having all my thread displayed and organized instead of shoved into a drawer all mixed together and hard to find. I have a hard time remembering what I have and finding it if I do.

After looking at and pinning a number of options I finally decided to go with a tutorial I found on Craptastic. I liked that it was simple and inexpensive but it didn’t just look like the standard thread holder with a bunch of pegs.

To make the thread holder I used one 1×6 – 6′ which I cut into 3 – 2′ lengths making the overall size 16.5″ x 24″. I screwed the three boards together using my kreg jig and stained them using Minwax Express Color in onyx. Then I taped off the chevron pattern and painted over it using a few coats of an off the shelf high gloss white paint that I had left over from another project.

Originally I considered painting the stripes using a bright color but I love the way it turned out and I’m glad I went with the glossy white. After all the thread holder doesn’t need any color since the threads bring all the color.

Once the boards were painted I used graph paper to map out where I wanted the nails in a 8 x 12 grid so that the nails would be about 2″ a part. Then I just hammered in the nails at a slight angle over the graph paper and ripped the paper off.

So there it is, one more small project done in the sewing and craft room. I’m happy to finally have a thread holder and one that I think look great.

Anyone else finishing a small project that was quick and rewarding?

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