Just Hangin’ in the Entry

Not long after we moved in our entry looked like this:

Not much going on here. Just a couple of photos that finally got put up after weeks of sitting on the floor leaning against the wall. The corner seat and coat rack got placed there the day we moved in since it’s actually one of the few 90 degree corners on the main level.

I’ve been wanting to fill this empty space with something more inviting for a while. At first I considered putting some kind of console table on the long wall but searching pintrest I found a few other ideas. I finally decided to go with some floating shelves above the board and batten. So on one of our many trips to Ikea we picked up a couple of Lack floating shelves.

After staring at the directions for a while we finally figured out how to hang the shelves (each size was mounted a different way). Here’s what they looked like soon after we put them up and I threw a few things on them.

A little bland if I do say so myself.

After walking by the shelves multiple times the next day I decided that I didn’t love what I had put on them so i started shopping the house again. After moving things around a bunch here is what they ended up looking like.

The shelves don’t look so bland now that things are moved around a little and I added some color. I don’t plan on them looking this way forever. I’m sure I’ll find other things to put on them and maybe even switch out some photos.

I really think the shelves helped to make the entry look more finished and inviting.

Anyone else use a shelf like a console table or hang some floating shelves lately? Have you had a hard time trying to figure out some Ikea directions too?

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