Fall Yarn Wreath

*Update: Check out The Fall Yarn Wreath Remixed for a tutorial on how I made this and another one like it. 

I love the look of all the clever yarn wreaths. A month or so ago I finally caved in and bought a foam wreath to cover in yarn for our front door. At the time I figured I would just use whatever I had at home. I found some grey yarn that I had left over and then wrapped some multi-colored sock yarn in a pattern around that. Then I just stuck a bow on it made from ribbon that I already had. I never really liked the way it turned out. It always just seemed a little unfinished, like it needed something more.

The weather and the leaves are just starting to turn around here. It looks like fall is already coming and I guess there’s no way to stop it now. Instead of fighting against it I just decided to embrace it.

So while I was in Joann’s a couple of weeks ago I picked up an inexpensive sprig of fake fall flowers.  At another store I picked up a ball of yarn on clearance for a dollar to use as a new accent yarn.

It was a simple project and I liked the way it turned out. Since the wreath already had the plain grey background all I had to do was add the new yarn and wire on the flowers.

I attached the wreath to the door using ribbon and an upside down 3M hook. It looks a little funny from the inside but it looks pretty good outside.

I like that it adds a little bit of fun and nice pop of fall color to our front door. The only downside is that we have two front doors, so it still looks a little off balance. I think I need to consider making another wreath to go on the other door.

Anyone else already starting to get ready for fall? Have you created a fun yarn wreath too?

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