The Ektorp Living Room

Since being in college and moving in and out of rentals, Chris and I have never really accumulated a lot of furniture. When we moved into the new house we didn’t have a lot to fill the much bigger space. The living room and dining room were pretty much completely empty after we got all unpacked.

A living room was a space that I wasn’t looking for in a new home. It’s a room that never really got used in my house growing up. Although, after choosing to buy this house for reasons other than the living room  I was actually pretty excited to buy some new “fancy” furniture to fill this room.

We spent a couple of weeks looking at just about any furniture store that we could find and even doing some online shopping.  After all that looking in stores I couldn’t find anything that I loved and was willing to spend the money on like what I could find at Ikea.

The Ektorp couches were a perfect choice for this room, they are a great blend of formal yet comfortable. To go with the couches I picked out a new chair and two white slip covers to go over the new chair and the chair I already had. Last I picked out two Hemnes cabinets to go on either side of the window that I could display all our wedding china in.

After we got all the boxes home we began to put everything together (when I say we I really mean Chris). Like all of Ikea’s furniture the couches came all boxed up, but they were pretty simple to put together.

One downside of a slip covered couch is all the ironing. It definitely took me longer to iron the covers than it took Chris to build the couches.

After I finished all the ironing and while Chris was putting the cabinets together I took out all my china and took inventory of what I had to work with. Once the cabinets were built I started placing and displaying all the items that I had out.

After a little moving around I finally got everything I wanted in the cabinets. I used picture frame stands to hold up some of the plates and display them in the settings. I really like the way they turned out, the white china really stands out in the black cabinets.

Finally, here’s the living room all put together and cleaned up.

I love having this grown up, fancy living room even if it doesn’t get used a lot yet (except by the cats who love the couches). Since this space isn’t where we spend all our time  I really feel like I can decorate it almost any way I want and not have to worry about it being too feminine for Chris.

Anyone else doing a little growing up and creating a more adult space? Have you invested in any new furniture lately?

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