Telephone Table Update

A few years ago while my mom and I were at the garage sale of a family friend we came across this:

It looked a little worn and the leg brackets were partially rusting but we loved the look of it.  Not only was it a unique piece it also happened to be made by this family friend many years ago while he was in high school. So, we paid a few dollars for it and took it home.

After having this table sit around for a few years in my parents garage I finally took it home and gathered my supplies to fix it up. I decided to spray paint it a grey to update it and in hopes that it would go well with our couches and bring the the room together.

While at the home improvement store one day I grabbed a couple cans of white primer and new table leg brackets to replace the ones on the table so the legs could angle out. I also bought some felt feet to nail on the bottom of the legs so that I can place the table on the wood floor

The first thing I did was sand the table down lightly to smooth out some of the imperfections and rough up the finish. I was able to use the palm sander for most of it, but i had to break out the sheets of sandpaper to sand the legs and the spindles. At this point I considered filling in some of the cracks and splits with wood putty but in the end decided not to because I like the character of the blemishes. I initially used a pretty rough sandpaper and it worked to rough it up but but now that’s it’s complete I see that I should have come back with a finer sandpaper at least on the flat surfaces. Oh well, you live and you learn.

After wiping down the whole thing with a wet cloth I coated it with the first can of white primer. I was surprised how well the first can covered. Most people who use spray paint suggest to use multiple light coats to get the best finish. I really try to do this I do, but the never ceasing wind and my impatience always win. I never fail to get at least one drip of paint from over spraying. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get better eventually.

Once I applied the second can of primer the table was covered pretty well and none of the stain was showing through. Next all I had to do was do a couple of coats of the grey paint. You may have noticed that The can says that it’s a matte finish. At first I was worried that I would want it to be more glossy, but that’s the only finish the hardware store had of this color of grey. In the end it actually has a bit of sheen so I’m pretty happy with the finish. Here it is all finished and sitting in our entry.

To finish off the table I added a few decorations and made a cushion using a thin green foam I had on hand and covered it with a pretty fabric that’s beige and dark blue.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out. It went from outdated to updated just with a couple of cans of paint, some new leg brackets, a cushion and some felt feet. It was a pretty inexpensive change that I think makes a fairly big impact on the space.

Just before I decided to put this post together I found a few new items at a local craft store to decorate the top of the table.

Now it feels like it is really finished.

Have you brought out the cans of paint to fix up something old?

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