The Fall Yarn Wreath Remixed

During my post about my first yarn wreath I thought that the one wreath made the doors feel a little unbalanced and I thought I needed to add another wreath to the other door. Well, I guess posting about it was enough motivation to get on it and this time I snapped a few photos of the steps that I took along the way.

While I was at the craft store last week I picked up another foam wreath, more fake fall flowers and a wooden “W”. I gathered the rest of the grey yarn, blue and white yarn and some small straight pins.

I started by wrapping the grey yarn around the foam wreath. I used one of the small straight pins to secure the loose end of yarn.

This is the step that takes the longest. It’s tedious to wrap the ball around and around the wreath continually pulling and twisting it tight. I wanted to have a smooth polished look so I took care to pull the yarn as tightly as I could.

Next, I worked on the wooden letter that I wanted to put in the center of one of the wreaths. The letter that I bought wasn’t really made to hang from the center of the wreath like I wanted. So I found the smallest drill bit that we had on hand and drilled a small hole on each side of the “W”.

Then I just grabbed some left over white spray paint and gave good coat. (Don’t tell my husband that I painted some of his gravel. Oh wait I think I just may have!)

I finished the wreath by adding some of the white and blue yarn, attaching the flowers and the hanging the “W” using some wire.

I reconfigured the flowers on the first wreath to match the the new one and hung them both up.

I like the way they both turned out, I think that they do balance out the doors and look well together. Now the only problem I see is that they kind of look like eyes. Oh bother I just can’t get this right. Maybe I need to consider hanging them on the side of the doors on hooks? It does look a little better from a distance, but now all I can see is a face door.

Anyone else have an opinion on what I should do? Have you been trying trying do work on some decorations and they aren’t working out like you were hoping or expecting?

After finishing the wreaths I ended up having some fall flowers left over so I updated my floating shelf with a little splash of fall. Slowly the fall decorations are starting to work there way across the house.

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