Picture Ledges

If you have never seen Ana White’s blog you should go check it out. It’s pretty much amazing. She has a lot of great woodworking patterns that are easy to follow and for all levels of skill.

If you have ever checked out her blog you will probably notice that the $10 picture ledges are one of the most popular projects. It’s not hard to understand why, with some inexpensive materials and a few tools you can make some great looking and simple to make shelves.

Since Chris and I had just inherited a Kreg Jig I had been dying to test it out. This seemed like a great project to start with.

As you may have already seen, our living and dining rooms are open and have high, vaulted ceilings.

After we starting filling the room with furniture I knew I wanted to our something on the big long wall. These ledges seemed like a great fit. They would keep everything neatly in line and I could swap things around whenever I felt like it and not have to worry about making or leaving holes in the wall. I also liked the idea of using ledges because I could display more than just pictures on the wall.

If you haven’t seen the photo here’s what the room looked like after we assembled all of out new Ikea furniture.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of how I made the shelves but they are pretty simple and you can check out the picture ledge plan on Ana’s site for a lot more info and tips.

I pretty much followed the video that she has posted there. I went with the 1×4 on the back, a 1×2 for the front and a 1×6 for the bottom. I chose the larger board on the bottom because I wanted to be able to put larger items other than just pictures on the shelves.

Chris helped m hang them on the wall. We marked out were the studs were and screwed in two screws on each stud for each shelf.

Here they are all finished up. Each shelf is 4′ long. When I put them together I filled the kreg holes on the bottom with wood filler, gave them a good sanding and then painted them white. I actually went with Alabaster from Sherwin Williams, which is just a little off-white so they wouldn’t be so bright and sharp.

They are working out great. I like the way they filled the wall but don’t make it look to cluttered. So far I mostly have pictures up on them with a fell other items. I am looking to changing things out as the weather changes.

I would really recommend trying out this project, they are such a quick and simple project. A great way to try your hand at some woodworking.

Anyone else attempting to make things with wood? Has anyone else tried any more of Ana White’s patterns?

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