A Little Bit of Fall

*It hasn’t been long yet but I already think I like blogging. There’s nothing like a personal goal to post about something to encourage me to get on with a project and finish something. 

It has gotten dark, rainy, and cold pretty fast around here. With the change in the weather I have wanted to change out the summer and brightly color decorations. I’ve been working on changing some of the things out little by little and I thought I’d put together a post of the fall decor I have all in one post.

First up is the wreaths that are on the front door.

After that I used the flowers I had left and I switched out a few vases full of flowers that are on the entry way shelves.

Then I just sort of got a lazy and paused the fall-ification. I bought some new flowers to use in the family room and they sat in my sewing room for weeks. Here’s what this vase looked like during the summer.

Here it is after I finally got around to removing the other flowers and adding the new ones.

As you can see in the photo above I have the vase sitting on a tile. It’s a tip that I heard somewhere years ago. I bought a few neutral colored tiles at the home store for only a few dollars each. They ended up blending into the carpet really well and they make a great solid base for large vases so they don’t fall over.

I also added a few candle holders to the top of a storage box that sits in the family room. The basket has actually been there I think since we moved in. I was just to lazy to find something else to put in it for the summer.

Man I really like those candle holders. I should have brought them out a lot sooner. (Thanks for those by the way Beth, you’re the best 🙂 )

The next vase that I tackled was the floor vase in the living room. You may remember it from some other posts but it looked a little like this. All bright, cheery and  summery.

I finally went through my box of fake flowers and pulled out some that I have had for a while that were a little more appropriate for fall. Yes I think you can tell I like me some hydrangeas. They are easily my favorite flower.

I think this set was in the other vase last year so it looks a little short and maybe a little crowed. I should probably consider swapping the flowers in the two vases but maybe I’ll just do a little more rearranging.

The last group was the most recent. I grabbed a bundle of flowers at the craft store this week and here’s what the table looked like when I started.

After doing some trimming and rearranging I came up with a bunch of different arrangements. Here’s the before of the other entry shelves.

Here’s the ole’ switcharoo to the fall flowers.

If you look closely in the before pictures of the entry vase you can probably see the vase of flowers on the shelf in the living room. Here’s the before a little closer up.

And the vase gone all fall-ness.

Another before of a small pot of flowers in the dining room all pretty in pink.

This time I actually did a little swap of the pot and the flowers.

I also took over a small basket that I had just thrown up in the entry.

Here is the basket again after I added the fall themed flowers. So much better than before.

I also grabbed another vase and container that I had stored away in a cabinet and added some of the left over flowers to them.

Now all I need to do is finally get around to making the fall pillow cases and the living room won’t look so funny.

Has anyone else been adding some fall decor to your house?

*Whew! My first run of three post in a week. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep this up but I thought I would test it out.  I’m still working on what posting schedule works best. Please be patient while I work on figuring things out and thanks for checking out my blog!


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