Guess What Time It Is!

*Check out my results here.

Well you may already know if you read Young House Love or Bower Power but it’s time for . . .

I was seriously just thinking about this yesterday and wondering when the next time they would be doing this. Well now I just have to decide what I want to do or even if I have enough time to work on it, but I’m gonna try anyway.

So, I went through my pins and found a few I was interested in.

Since I’m already planning on carving a pumpkin this weekend, maybe I’ll try and get a little creative.

The original and my pin.

Since we have a bunch of scraps of 2×4’s left from the shed building project I’m sure I could find some materials to make something like this. Such a cute fall decoration.

The original and my pin.

I’ve also considered working on a little something to get ready for the Christmas season. Maybe an art something like this:

The original and my pin.

Or even this cute, simple little wooden nativity scene.

The original and my pin.

Since I also have a little issue with some new curtains (more on that tomorrow) I am considering doing something like this as well.

The original and my pin.

The last of my ideas is to finally create that birdy canvas art I have been thinking about making for a while now.

The original and my pin.

The original and my pin.

The original and my pin.

So start pining ladies and gents. It’s time to get on it and make something from all those pins we have! Deadline is next Tuesday, good luck.

Anyone else planning on doing something for the Pintrest Challenge?


One thought on “Guess What Time It Is!

  1. I just had to tell you I’m obsessed with both YHL and Bower Power. Glad you read too. Love those ladies, and they are super entertaining, with a bit of eye candy for the home. =)

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