Dressing Up Some Windows

Since we’ve moved in both of these rather large windows in the living and dining have been bare.

They didn’t look bad, in fact they are huge windows with overall great views but they felt just a little unfinished.

Well, we’ve been working on a project late this summer. Spoiler Alert: we built a shed! Unfortunately the shed ended up blocking the view out of the dining room a bit. It didn’t go exactly as we had originally planned. So now we have a less than stellar view which was just the push I needed to consider some curtains.

On our last trip to Ikea (our second home) I picked up two sets of curtain rods and curtains. I think it ended up costing around $100 and that’s the main reason for choosing Ikea, I couldn’t find anything else much cheaper.

In the past when I was thinking about the curtains I knew that I wanted something light and airy. I didn’t want to completely cover the windows or block the views entirely, I just wanted to soften the edges a bit. I also wanted to go with a layered look.

After searching the Ikea website I found that the vivan curtains not only came in both grey and white but they seemed to look sheer. The $10 a set price tag was also a a big selling point. So I went off to the store an gathered all the things I needed, including double rods to layer the curtains with.

So enough with the talk on with it! Here’s the dining room with the shades open:

Then on to the dining room with the shades closed. That shed roof is completely out of view now. The curtains didn’t end up being the silky sheer that I originally expected but they are a light-weight more linen look, which for the price was just fine with me.

In the dining room I went with the grey in the front and the white layered in back. I love that they run independently so that I can open and close them differently.

One thing I learned in this is that at Ikea you need to buy one set of the curtain rings per panel not per set of curtains. With only five rings on a curtain they don’t lay very well and they gap awkwardly. I’m looking to remedy that one my next trip to Ikea.

Now onto the living room. Here are the curtains up and open. Actually the window is pretty wide in here and as such if we were to fully close the curtains they would end up almost flat. I’m not too concerned about that since I’m not planning to close them very often, mostly they are just for show here.

I also switched the order of the curtains up in the living room because I didn’t want a large amount of grey showing because of the already large grey couches.

Something you may notice below is that the curtains have a bit of a high water pants issue. Have I ever mentioned that it’s hard to find curtains that are more than 98″ long, especially cost effective ones? Because it is.

For now it was worth the price and I have some plans for lengthening the curtains in the future.

Anyone else have some ideas for lengthening some curtains? Have you made any alterations to basic curtains to jazz them up a bit?

2 thoughts on “Dressing Up Some Windows

  1. I like the idea of personalizing curtains by adding a band of fabric at the bottom, (or a band on the top and a thin band and a fat band at the bottom) to tie it in to the room, or to add texture or some other dimension. I think a monotone print would look neat, especially in the living room. I really like your neutral furniture which allows you to change seasonal decorations. A subtle print in the same color family as the furniture could be a nice compliment. Love reading your blog!

    • Oh good idea. I was thinking something bold but I like the idea better of a more subtle monotone print, something that won’t compete too much with the rest of the room. Thanks!

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