In the Mood for a Mood Board

*I’ve updated the House Tour Progress Page. Quick go check it out! Well after you read the post of course. 

Lately I feel like I have been working on projects non-stop. If it hasn’t been something outside it’s been a sewing or decor project or even some knitting. Since there has been all this time rushing to get so much done I feel a little melancholy about the progress inside the house. Oh I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and half the fun of creating a home is all the little changes along the way, but there is something to be said about feeling like you’re finished with something. Checking something big off the list instead of lots of little things.
That being said I think that part of my problem is that I’m in the middle of all these small things and I don’t have a very clear view of the finish line. So, I thought that maybe I’d come up with a mood board to get a view of this picture.

I decided to start with the family room since this is a room that I haven’t really touched.

So here it goes:

1. Ikea Karlstad Sectional Sofa
2. Media Console from Handmade Home made by The Friendly Home.
3. Ottoman.
4. End Table from Ana White.
5. Rug from Overstock.
6. Rustic X Console Table from Ana White.

Well there is it. My first attempt of a quickly done mood board. The colors aren’t quite right but the styles are more what I’m going for. Anyway, it’s fun to think about the direction I want to go with a room. It will also be interesting to see how the actual room will one day look in comparison.

Anyone else creating a mood board or planning out the future of a room in your home?

2 thoughts on “In the Mood for a Mood Board

  1. We have to finally tackle our office to make it more usable and less like a storage room. I keep flipping through IKEA’s ad for ideas, but a mood board looks like a better way to organize all my ideas for that one little room.

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