Quilt Festival Showcase (Fall 2012)

Update: Nominations are over. 

During one of my many rounds through Pinterest I came across a blog which hosts an online quilter’s showcase twice a year. Basically quilters from all over create amazing projects and link them back to Amy’s Creative Side. It seems like such a fun way to show off something you have worked so hard on as well as check out all the amazing creations that other people are making. I am already in love with so many and I’m sure before it’s over I’ll have a ton of new quilting pins.
So on with it. Here’s my entry.  It’s a car seat quilt.

I made it by combining two different tutorials that I found online. One was a car seat quilt and the other was a chevron pattern. (Update: Unfortunately I don’t think this link works anymore and I can no longer find the tutorial I used.)  I had to tweak both to get the size and pattern that I wanted. More info on that here.

I went with a bright blue and green for my sister-in-law who was due to have a baby boy.

I usually don’t machine quilt my quilts because I have so many issues with the quilt stretching and warping. I decided to this time because it was a small quilt and I didn’t want ties to distract from the pattern. I followed along the chevron pattern which created the fun quilting lines on the back of the quilt.

The ties are so that the quilt can be tied to the handles of the car seat.

I actually made two similar quilts at the same time. Both the exact same pattern just in different colors.

They are great little quilts that can be tied to a car seat to lay over babies lap in the colder weather.

Quilter’s Showcase Stats:

Finished quilt measures: 25″ x 30″

Special techniques used: Machine quilting

Quilted by: Me

Best Category: Baby Quilt, Home Machine Quilted Quilt,

Thanks for checking out my quilt!

Amy's Creative Side

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