Pintrest Challenge Results!

Well today is that day. The end of the Pinterest challenge!

Unfortunately I wasn’t home this weekend so I didn’t get a chance to work on the many fun little projects that I talked about last week. Although I didn’t have time to get to most of them I did have a chance to finish one pin. What is that? Well my pumpkin carving of course.

Source: The original and my pin.

Here’s my own version of the owl pumpkin:

I figure it’s not to bad for a free hand carving. It’s not exactly like the original but I’m pretty pleased with the results. Now remember how I said I was gone for the weekend? Well actually Chris and I were with his family and we all carved pumpkins.

As pumpkins usually do, I think they looked even better after it got dark.

So, not the most exciting pinterest challenge result I’m sure but I’m pretty happy with the way my pumpkin turned out. Especially for not just copying a template.

Anyone else do the Pinterest Challenge? How about anyone who carved some pumpkins this weekend?


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