Scrabble Tile Decor

A few months back I picked up a few boards to make some simple projects with. One of the projects was the chevron thread holder that I have already talked about. At the same time I also made a cute little scrabble tile themed sign for a friend. She is a lover of scrabble and recently had her second boy. Both boys are currently sharing the same room and I thought this might be something fun for their room or just to put up in her house.

Seriously, a really simple build. If I remember correctly I used a 1×3 board which I cut into squares. I then used the kreg jig to attach all the blocks together. I actually learned something about the Kreg Jig making this. It doesn’t really work to try and screw boards end to end, the screws don’t grab and tighten like it should. This is the reason the grain is going two different directions.

After all the blocks were together I printed out templates on plain paper. I used this font if you’re curious. I just enlarged it to match the size of my blocks. Then I used a pencil to trace around the letters and make an indent in the blocks and filled them in with black acrylic paint.

Once I finished painting the letters I gave it a few coats of a clear gloss spray paint to give it that scrabble tile sheen. See what I mean, easy.

Anyone else creating things to look like scrabble tiles? If you haven’t you should it was pretty fun.


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