It’s time to Git ‘R Done

When I came home Monday this is what my sewing room looked like. Yeah, well organized and easy to work on things in here.

I think lately I have been gathering a bunch of supplies to work on projects but I haven’t been finishing many of them. It’s high time I make a commitment to get some things done. So today I’m sitting here saying I will not start another project until I finish all of the following. Well, maybe I should clean up a little and then finish the projects. So that’s the order, clean then finish projects!

1. Living Room Fall pillowcases. I started these last week after I bought the fabric a while ago. Now all I need to do is finish them up. Update: They’re done. Check them out here.

2. Guest Room Pillowcases. I bought materials to go with the roman shades in the room, just need to sew ’em up. I finished the ruffly and pleated pillow cases. Check them out here.

3. Sewing Room Roman Shade. I have decided that I don’t like the curtains in the sewing room since they are really hard to open and close on the tension rod. I bought some fabric to make a roman shade to mount inside the window and a curtain rod to hang the curtains I already had to add color to the room.

4. Wooden slat sign. I started this months ago and it still sits partially finished. I really need to just get on this. Update: I finished it! Check it out here.

5. Christmas knitting. This is obvious, Christmas is coming and I have a list of projects I want to knit of gifts. Check out the lot of Christmas knitting here.

6. Wooden Box. I bought wood months ago to build a storage box for our bedroom. I finally got around to using that wood. Check it out here.

7. Sew Slippers. I had to throw out the slippers I knit and felted last year due to great abuse and major holes in the soles. I posted about my finished slippers here.

8. Sew Some Tops for Myself.  I hate shopping and I am low on winter clothes to wear to work. I am hoping to add a few more things to my closet. The first two tops are over here. Hopefully there will be more to come.

So here it is the official to do list! Anyone else have a long line of partially finished projects? Do you want to commit to finishing some before you purchase supplies for anything new?


4 thoughts on “It’s time to Git ‘R Done

  1. Woot! Ready, Set, Go! I have a huge list of unfinished projects too. I wish I could be up there this weekend; we could watch TLC, get the cleaning bug and have your sewing room finished in no time. Your fabrics look lovely. Can’t wait to see the finished creation!

    • I guess I’ll have to go at the sewing room alone. Which is probably best cause otherwise we’d probably have everything packed away before we remembered no one was moving anywhere.

  2. I envy you having taken the time to make your to do list. I think it would take me forever to get it written down. I will perhaps need to start with a list of five things and then move on from there.
    Looking forward to seeing how your list gets shorter once you have done your clean up.

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