Organizing the Junk

Ok, admit it. Everyone has a junk drawer. Well we have two but they’re small ok, so one just isn’t enough.

Our junk drawers reside in the desk area off the kitchen. In the picture below they are actually the two drawers on the left.

During previous moves we’ve gotten pretty tired of packing and going through every thing. So, lets just say that the junk drawer usually just gets thrown all in one box at the end of packing. Then when we go to unpack we just dump it in the drawer again. Well that’s what pretty much happened this time. As we moved in more, did more projects and found more junk items the drawers just kept getting worse.

After digging through the drawers enough I finally got tired of hardly being able to open the drawers because they were so full. On a previous trip to Ikea we picked up a couple of Antonius drawer inserts to use in our bathroom drawers. They worked so well in there that I was motivated to get on it and buy a few more in hopes they would work out for the junk drawers as well.

Like with any good organization project the first thing I did was pull everything out of the drawers and lay it all out on the table. I took inventory of what I had and took the time to throw away stuff I knew we didn’t need.

Then I just started to group like items together and placed them on the various compartments.  Here’s what the drawers look like now:

So much better. We can actually find things when we want to. The only downside of using these organizers is that there was no room for the larger longer tools. So to take care of these I found a basket I already had and put all those items together in the cabinet above the drawers. I also took this time to organize this cabinet a little better. I even found a basket to corral all the light bulbs that were just piled up in there.

Once I got the junk drawers organized I decided to take on the office supplies drawer next. It actually didn’t look too bad. I already had a few small organizers but I didn’t like how things were crammed in and floating around.

Here’s what the drawer looks like now with everything in the drawer organizers:

I like that everything is in just two organizers and the individual boxes aren’t sliding all over the place. The only downside is that the organizers aren’t the full depth of the drawer and tend to slid in and out when I open the drawer. I guess I need to find some scraps of wood to use as spacers in the back of the drawers to fix this. Other than that it feels great to have another small space organized. Little by little I hope to get more spaces like this all over the house better organized.

Anyone else doing some organizing? Have you attempted to conquer your junk drawer?


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