Hiding the Clutter

After we got married we purchased a china cabinet of sorts to display our china in our rental. When we moved into the new house this cabinet was set into the living room and I actually filled it similar to the way I had before.

It is actually two separate cabinets. One has solid doors and the other glass. I choose these two pieces instead of all glass so that I could store other boxes and extra items on the bottom half.

Not long after we moved in I set both pieces on the floor just to see how they would look under the window in the living room.

I liked everything about this except I didn’t like that the two cabinets didn’t really match each other.

Well after we brought home all the living room furniture I moved these two cabinets into the dining room.

Since I purchased the new china cabinets I didn’t really need these cabinets for display anymore. Now they became storage.

The downside with this is that you can see everything inside, things that aren’t so pretty and are better left hidden. Also the cabinets still didn’t match. So I came up with an idea to make them match and hide the storage.

Now it turns out that the two cabinets are identical except for the doors. So all I had to do was swap one of the solid doors for the glass door. Then I found same scrapbook paper that I already had on hand. I cut squares of the paper a little bigger than each pane. Then I just attached them to the inside of the frame using blue painters tape.

The papers don’t exactly match each other in pattern but now the cabinets match each other and all that storage is hidden. I think it looks so much better now that you can’t see what’s inside.

Anyone else been creating some creative and hidden storage solutions?

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