Ruffles and Tucks Pillows

This past weekend I was busy working on my pillowcases for the guest room. I finished them this weekend and I’m excited to have another thing on the Git ‘R Done list checked off.

You may remember a while ago when I shared the making of the roman shades for the guest room. When I chose the fabric for the pillows I decided to use the patterned grey fabric and the blue fabric that I used on the shades. I have also been wanting to add a different pop of color to this room so I chose a coral fabric to go with the others.

I was hoping to keep the pillows a little simpler than the fall living room pillowcases or even the summer pillowcases, but as usual the execution was more than I anticipated. I started cutting out the fabric on Saturday morning and finally finished up the pillows Sunday afternoon. I kept taking breaks and working on other things so they took a little longer than if I had worked on them non-stop.

On a previous trip to Ikea I picked up three 20″x20″ Inner cushions and two of the 14″x14″ Irma cushions with the intention of using them in the guest room. I planned out what I wanted to have each pillow look like and cut out my fabric accordingly. I ended up just cutting each pillow case so that they were 1/2″ larger than the dimensions of the pillows so that when they were finished they matched the size of the pillow.

So here is all the fabric cut out and ready to sew.

Two of the pillows are just plain patterned fabric. I cut one square 20.5″ x 20.5″ for the front and then two rectangles 20.5″ x 12.5″ for each of the back flaps. For the others I cut out a base fabric in the same way. Then I cut strips of the flower pattern to use as the ruffles on the front of the blue and coral fabrics. In theory I cut the grey flower fabric so that the strip was 1.5 times longer than the pillow is was going on. Then I cut it a quarter of the width plus 1″ so there was enough to finish the edges of the strips. Although you will see later that apparently I didn’t calculate well because there were more larger gaps between the strips on the finished pillows than I was originally hoping.

Just like the last set of pillows I started by serging all the open edges. In this case is was one edge per back  piece and both of the edges for the ruffly strips.

Then I turned the serged edges twice and sewed them down to create a small hem.

With the edges finished I quickly made up the two large grey flowered pillowcases since they were the easiest. They went together fast.

Then I started working on the smaller coral ruffly pillows. First I ironed the strips of fabric for the ruffles in half, to have a line to follow to sew on.

Then using the biggest stitch on my machine I just stitched down the fold.

Next I started placing the ruffles and gathering the strips of fabric on the front piece of the pillowcase.

This was the most tedious part for me. I don’t really enjoy gathering fabric. I am hardly ever happy with how it turns out.

Then once I finished the two smaller pillows I decided to change tactics. This time I iron the background into quarters to help place the strips on. Then instead of gathering the strips I decided to make tucks in them instead.

I changed the directions of the tucks and just randomly tucked the fabric until the ends matched with the end of the pillow case. This was so much faster. I think that if I were to make these over again I would just go with the tucks from the beginning.

After all the tucking and gathering and sewing I tossed them up on the guest bed. You may notice that I recently added a white duvet cover to the bed. It’s the Dvala duvet cover from Ikea. It may be plain and boring right now but I’ve got some future plans for it.

I think the size of pillows works well with the bed. One more small step made in the saga of the guest room and so many steps still to come.

Here’s a close up of what the pillows look like.

I was hoping that with the grey pattern and the blue that the pillows would look a little more masculine than feminine. I knew that the coral was a big stretch but I wanted to bring in another color to the room that would be cheery. Now I’m afraid that I’ve just made this room really feminine. So sorry in advance any man that has to come and stay in this room. You can go ahead and hide the pillows in the closet. 🙂

Until then I will enjoy them on the few occasions that I walk by the room. I love the mix of colors and patterns and I can’t wait to work on something else for this room.

Anyone else making a a guest room girly and frilly in hopes of making your male guests uncomfortable?

2 thoughts on “Ruffles and Tucks Pillows

  1. Not so much girly, but you inspired me to finally make some pillow covers for the family room…I tried piping because of your inspiration and zippers! I love the way they turned out and I have you to thank!

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