Working on my Wardrobe

Well I may not have completed all the tops I have set out to but I did make two of them.

I decided to work on the tops out of the shear polka dot since I knew they would be a little less evolved.

When I purchased the fabric I mad just a little mistake. I ended up way over buying. Thus the reason I chose two different tops to make out of the same fabric.

The top I originally intended to make was the McCall’s 6651 which is in the photo at the top. After a bit of reading and figuring out how the pattern was supposed to go together I think it actually went pretty well.

I like the comfy flowy quality to it. The only thing I would consider changing if I made this again would be to make the bottom band a little bigger around. It fits but it’s a little tighter than I would have liked I think.

The next top that I did with the fabric I had left was the New Look 2565. I have actually made this pattern before and liked it. This time I didn’t do the button on the back of the top, I didn’t think it was really needed. I also mixed up the pattern a bit and made view C with the sleeves off of E.

If you looking for a shear layer top to make I suggest both of these. I enjoyed making them and I’m happy to add a few more things to my wardrobe. Now all I need to do is finish the other tops I have with the rest of the fabric.

Anyone else making their own clothes?


2 thoughts on “Working on my Wardrobe

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and review. I chose the McCalls pattern and was afraid to proceed to make it from a cotton voile ( I have been so disappointed with my results in the past) However your example looks stunning and I now feel like proceeding.

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