The Odyssey of a Shed (Part 1)

I think we can finally say that our big project of the summer/fall/early winter is done! (well pretty much)

Since we would love to use our mid sized three car garage for more than just storage we decided that we really needed a shed. That way we can get some of the stuff out of the garage and have more room to work on fun wood projects.

Chris pretty much did all the research and planning and I just came along for the ride and to be another set of hands to hold things. I don’t think I could explain all the little details of how the shed came together but I did take some pictures along the way. So think of this as more of an overview of what we did and less of a tutorial.

The first step of the process what setting up the forms for our concrete foundation. We decided to go with the concrete foundation not only for the solid base for the shed but also because we wanted the pad for the dog kennel as well.

Here it is after Chris leveled the ground, set up the forms and compacted layers of gravel. he left the front of the form off so we could drive the wheel borrows of concrete to the front.

I think this was the first major trip to get wood for the structure.

Then Chris worked on attaching the pressure treated sill plates to the concrete using anchor bolts.

It didn’t take long for Chris to get the dog kennel all set up on the end of the pad.

This is a close up of the anchor bolts.

This is after the first wall was framed up. We were pretty proud of this one.

Here Chris was laying out the boards for the next wall so that they could all be cut to the same length.

Here’s wall number two.

And 3…

It was nice to see things starting to come together. Here’s the first two walls framed and up.

Here is the third wall and the last almost ready.

Finally here’s the last wall framed and up.

There were so many pictures and so many steps along the way that I thought I’d split it up. So there’s the first part. When I finally get around to finishing the rest of the photos and putting them together I’ll share part two.

Anyone else work on any big projects this summer? Check out the rest of the shed saga here and here.


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