Christmas Decor Roundup

I know that it’s after the new year and I’ve actually already put most of my Christmas decor away but here goes it anyway.

This past year my mom passed down quite a few Christmas decorations, so with the extra stuff and the fact that I was decorating a much bigger house than ever had before I got a little frustrated with trying to put it all together. Since we were gone the whole Thanksgiving weekend I didn’t get a chance to really bring much out then. Instead I started bringing boxes down on Monday night and I think it took until through the next weekend to actually finish (aka I called it good and gave up).

I sort of went with two colors themes in the house. Wintery blue, silver and white for the living, dining and entry. Red and green in the kitchen and family room.

In the entry Chris helped me put up some garland which we wrapped in white lights. I added the lanterns which were left over from our wedding along with some ribbons and snowflake picks I already had. I also picked up a few sparkly blue and white berry picks from Micheal’s on sale.

Christmas Decor 15

I moved the pictures I had on the long shelf in the entry and put up the nativity that I got from my mom. I also added some vases with snow and ornaments in them.

Christmas Decor 14

Above the coat rack I intended to make a new canvas painting that just never happened. I guess it’s something I can do for next year.

Christmas Decor 17

I added some more ornaments and a figurine to the other shelves in the entry.

Christmas Decor 12

On top of the china cabinet I had some of my porcelain doll angles I collected when I was younger with some more snow and ornaments in a vase. I had enough blue, silver and white ornaments for an entire tree, which I didn’t do this year, so instead I put the ornaments all over the room.

Christmas Decor 11

On the window sill in the living room I put a few more lanterns and some light wrapped garland.

Christmas Decor 9

On top of the other cabinet was another doll and more ornaments.

Christmas Decor 24

I changed out a lot of what was on the picture ledges as well. I even brought Chris’ picture of Ranger down from the bonus room.

Christmas Decor 19

Christmas Decor 20

Christmas Decor 21

Christmas Decor 22

I switched out the flowers and rocks in this vase for pearls and sparkly blue and white hydrangeas. I wish that I had found the time to make new pillowcases that matched a little better but it just didn’t happen.

Christmas Decor 18

I added another village to the top of this cabinet and placed some other figurines inside.

Christmas Decor 13

The angel on that I put on the cabinet is one that I remember being around every Christmas growing up.

Christmas Decor 23

I picked up a few sets of led candles that turn on via a remote to use above the cabinets in our kitchen. I bought the letters around thanksgiving and meant to paint them, I even bought paint. Just another thing that just didn’t quite get done.

Christmas Decor 8

More candles and a wooden nativity on another cabinet.

Christmas Decor 7

Originally I had one of the Christmas villages all lite up and on this table. Unfortunately our cat Lily jumped up there and thought it would be fun to knock around one of the figurines, broke the head right off.

Christmas Decor 5

I loved how the mantle in the family room turned out. Chris bought me this rustic looking nativity for our anniversary and I added more of the led candles, which I think look better in person than in the photos.

Christmas Decor 4

We even switched out the photo in this frame for something a little more fitting of the winter season.

Christmas Decor 3

I had intentions of changing up the tree this year but it took so long to put everything up and I didn’t want to leave the tree decorated while we were gone for Christmas. I had these great fears of the cats climbing the tree and coming home to find it on the floor with broken ornaments and a broken tv.

Christmas Decor 2

So that being said I just put up the ribbons I had before. I picked up some more glittery green, red and white picks at Micheal’s and I thought that I would just put those on the tree but Chris really wanted the ornaments so I put a few up.

Christmas Decor 1

One of the few things I actually did find the time to make was a new tree skirt. The only one I had was a blue and white one that I made to go with the blue, silver and white tree. This year I wanted something more rustic and vintage looking to go with the theme of the living room.

Christmas Decor 16

While I was putting up a lot of stuff around the house Chris even got out and climbed around on the roof to put up lights. Unfortunately not long after this the lights on the top peak went out and then a few days later a bunch of the other ones went out too. I guess next year we’ll have to buy some new lights instead of using the old ones we got from my mom.

Christmas Decor 6

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