It’s a New Year!

Resolutions . . . Yeah it’s that time of year where everyone feels the need to make this grand list of all the wonderful things they will totally do this year. Well at least until February maybe. I’m not one that enjoys saying I will do something that I know that I will not, but I do very much list myself a list. So, since I have that blog I figured why not. Here’s a list a random vague things I wouldn’t mind doing this year.

1. Slow Down. If you know me in person, or maybe just through the blog you would know that I am pretty much always doing something. Even if I’m watching TV I have to be knitting, blogging, or something else. I think because of this and the fact that I love lists, I never take a break. Now that the holidays are over and I’m back to my normal routine I’m giving myself the permission to not do as much. Those curtains I intended to make months ago, they can wait another few if I just don’t feel like working on them now. That huge mess of a room filled with all the Christmas decor just shoved inside, I’ll just keep the door closed for now. All the deadlines are my own and they can wait. That is until I start going out of my mind with boredom.

Marshall and Lily

2. Organize. We have been in the house for almost a year (!) and although almost all of the boxes were unpacked and I try to keep things neat and tidy on the homestead, I still have pockets of craziness. Since I’m not planning on moving anytime soon I might as well work on some better organization. I think I really should start with the Christmas explosion. That really is just embarrassing.

Office Supplies Drawer

3. Finish Something Before I Start Something New. Yeah I tried this one at the end of last year. It went fine, and then Christmas came and not so much got done on the list, but a whole bunch of other stuff did. Even though it didn’t go perfectly (maybe I was a little to ambitious) I want to bring this one back to life. I have so many supplies and projects that are all over the house. I know I will not finish everything that I have going before I start something else. But instead of running out and getting something for a new project I’ll think twice about what I’ve got going at home. I won’t add to the list I had before since that would just be depressing and boring. Let’s just say I’m gonna try. Yes that sounds like a better Idea.

Messy Room

4. Blog. I guess this one may seem obvious. I’d like to make it through the whole year. I may not blog multiple times a week or even every week for that matter. I’m just not sure how this is going to work out yet, and since this is my blog I can do whatever I want. I would just like to look back on the year and be able to know that I added a few more posts and pictures of things I’m working on. Since that’s what I wanted to create the blog for in the first place. Me.

So there’s the short list. Anyone else have some goals for the next year?

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