In the Kitchen, Paintin’ it Up

Just shy of the one year mark of living in our new house we took the plunge and painted our first room! If you haven’t guessed it’s the kitchen.

We had some paint that peeled off when we had some electrical work done so we choose to paint this room first. So, without further ado lets get to the details.


The Paint: After much debating and back and forth (mostly on my part) we decided to go with Darkening Sky by Martha Stewart. Chris would like to say that he picked this one all along so, I’ll let him take the credit šŸ™‚ . We picked up a sample jar at Home Depot to make sure we liked it over a large area as we did in the small swatch.

I painted the area under the cabinets near the stove to see what we thought of it. My mom and I both agreed that we liked the color and that the shade was good. The swatch in the picture below near the window is actually the same color but a little lighter. We were concerned that paint would be too dark so we tried this one out just to confirm that we still loved the other.

Painting Kitchen 1

My mom has done a lot of painting throughout here life and she has always likedĀ Miller Paint. I have tried a few other brands but I haven’t been especially pleased with any one yet. This time though I really wanted to find a low VOC, low odor paint, emphasis on the low odor. I considered Benjamin Moore but thought it was more expensive than I wanted to pay (~$55) and also Olympic paints from Lowes, but I didn’t really know much about them. In the end I went with Miller Paint’s Acro Pure (~$40) and I’m really glad I did.

Painting Kitchen 8

The Tools:Ā We didn’t really use anything too out of the ordinary. The things we used the most were a small roller, an edger pad and a small craft paint brush. Most what we were painting was very small chunks. Anything bigger than the small roller wouldn’t have fit. Of course we had plastic drop clothes, used frog tape, andĀ disposableĀ paint trays, all the usual things.

Painting Kitchen 7

Now that that’s out of the way here is the Play By Play as it were:

First we taped off everything we didn’t want to get painted. I know that it possible to edge with a paint brush but, in this case it wasn’t worth it to damage our cabinets, tile, counters, and the other ceiling and wall paint. I actually started to do a little taping on Thursday and Friday evenings and then Chris came in and helped to finish up the taping on Saturday.

Painting Kitchen 3

We were hoping that we could finish all the painting in one day so we waited until Sunday to actually bring out the can of paint. I started by using the edger and going around all the edges and corners as much as I would. Chris then came behind and filled in with the small roller.

Painting Kitchen 4

We moved the fridge to paint the last of the walls.

Painting Kitchen 6

Once we had finished the first coat we took a break to let it dry a little more.

Painting Kitchen 9Then after it had dried a little more I was able to tell what needed to be painted over again. There weren’t many spots to fix but there were a few. As I touched up I also pulled off the tape.

Painting Kitchen 10

Thoughts on the Paint:Ā I’m pretty sure the paint wasn’t a paint and primer mix so as for the coverage I was pretty pleased. It took less than two full coats to paint all the walls. I think after it was all done we had about 1/3 of the gallon left.

As for the low odor, it was amazing! The only thing I smelled was when I first opened the can, which I think was probably the pigment. As I began to paint I didn’t smell anything. I even tried going out of the house to see if I could smell it when I came in and nothing. After we were gone for the day we still didn’t smell anything when coming home. I love that I can’t smell the paint for days after and it helps knowing it’s also chemically safer.

Final Reveal:

So here it is the paint after it’s all done. I tried to take the truest to life color that I could.

Painting Kitchen 12

Unfortunately I pretty much have no time to take photos in the natural light so this is the best I could do.

Painting Kitchen 14

Basically the color is just a dark dusty blue.

Painting Kitchen 13

Overall I’m in love. I’m happy with the color and shade and I love the fun pop of color against all the other beige walls.

Painting Kitchen 11

Anyone else making some colors changes in your house?

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