The Blog Is A Changin’

*Whew! Chris noticed that most of the links weren’t working on the various project pages weren’t working. Hopefully I have fixed them and each of the pictures will lead you to the post as planned. Let me know if you find something that still doesn’t work. 

I’ve been working on a few modifications to the blog. They are now live so go check them out.

I created a new Paint Page. It breaks down the projects and rooms that we have been working on. So, if your curious about types and colors of paint we’ve been using you can now see them all in one place.

Capture of Paint Page

I also created an all new Projects Page. Shown below is the Decor Page. You can get there by clicking on the Projects Page link on the bar below the blog title and then clicking on the link in the page. You can also go straight there by clicking on Decor by hovering over Projects and clicking on the link that appears below.

The project pages contains almost every post by different categories. Some of the categories are decor, painting, sewing and crafts. So, if you want to see all the posts about sewing projects or many other things they are all in one place.

Capture of Project Page

If I keep trying new things and changing the blog maybe one day I’ll have a set-up that I really like.


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