The Odyssey of a Shed (Part 2)

As I was going through photos for the Project Page (go check it out) and I realized that I never finished posting about our shed! Really it has been done for months now but it seems that I forgot to put together the rest of the photos. So, here we go. If you’ve forgotten about our shed go check out Part 1.

When I last left off I showed the picture of the walls framed and up.

Shed 12

Once the walls were up Chris installed the rafter ties and started to work on building the rafters.

Shed 13

Chris created a jig so that he could make each rafter as identical as possible.

Shed 14

Here’s the stack of all those rafters. These were 100% Chris here. I was of no help.

Shed 15

Then I came back on the scene and started to help put up all the rafters.

Shed 16

We tried to center them as much as possible but since nothing in woodworking can be perfect things were a little off in places.

Shed 17

This is were it really began to look like a shed, and when we realized just how big this thing was going to be.

After the rafters were all up we started to install the windows that Chris had found on craiglist. Lookin’ pretty fancy.

Shed 18

Before we started to install the roof Chris wanted to put the OSB on the walls so that the structure would be more stable when he was climbing around on the roof.

Shed 19

We worked our way around the shed installing the OSB around all the sides and windows.

Shed 20

At this point we ran out of wood that we already had in the garage thanks to what we inherited from my dad.

Shed 21

We went on yet another trip to the hardware store to pick up more materials.

Shed 22

We continued working around the shed hanging the sheeting.

Shed 23

We finally made it all the way around the shed and we were ready to start working on the roof.

Shed 24

The last thing we did before starting on the roof was install the trim boards on the ends of the rafters. Chris had read somewhere that if you installed these first you could use them to balance the roof sheeting on while you are nailing it down.

Now onto part 3….. I promise this time I’ll get around to posting the last part in a little more timely manner.


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