Meeting My Blogger Crush

It seems that many people all over the states have been going to meet a blogging couple that recently released their first book. Young House Love was in my area last weekend and my cousin Kayla convinced me to go with her. After a little back and forth I finally decided to go with her and I’m glad I did.

We meant to show up a little earlier but ended up getting to the store maybe 10 minutes before it was supposed to start. Even though we were waiting in line outside we got to go inside to see John and Sherry give a little talk about writing the book.


(Sorry for the less than stellar iPhone photos)

It was actually a little surreal seeing them up close after reading so many posts, seeing pictures of them and seeing them in video clips. Is that a little crazy? Yes probably, but I’m ok with that.


Then we got back in line and waited for I think at least 2 hours. Kayla and I enjoyed our time chatting about all sorts of things.

After winding our way past an endless wall of lighting fixtures they were finally in sight.


Then we were finally just a few people away from getting to meet them. Let me tell you a secret; this is the place where I got really nervous. All this hype and I had no idea what to do. Let’s just say that this is also the spot I realized that I just don’t have that blogger personality. I’m not a person that would be able to have a wildly famous or well known blog, let alone write a book and travel all over the place meeting and talking to so many people.


Seriously, how do they always look so fabulous. That must be a well known blogger prerequisite.

Well a few seconds later it was all over. We got our books signed. I smiled in awe and we went on our way.


In the end I’m glad that I went. It was great to finally see them in person and it was an afternoon well spent with Kayla as well.

Anyone else meet John and Sherry at one of there book signings? Were you nervous as well?


One thought on “Meeting My Blogger Crush

  1. Um…..I had such a good time. It was so awesome to meet those two, but also so awesome to have like four hours with you to catch up. I had no idea what to say to them either…..and you know I talk a lot. So that is really saying something. =)

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