The Odyssey of a Shed (Grand Finale)

*Check out the rest of the shed saga here and here.

At the end of part two we had put up all the rafters we started in on the roof. I didn’t take any photos of the roof with just the sheeting up but here it is will the tar paper on.

Shed 25

And again from another angle.

Shed 26

Then we started in on the shingles. Chris did all the work here I just brought things up to him. You can’t see it here but Chris did cut and lay a starter strip before starting on the rest of the shingles.

Shed 27

He is also the one who climbed around on the roof. Heights are not really my thing.

Shed 28

Even the cats got in on the action. Here Chris was just finishing up the roof by adding the caps that he cut from another set of non-architectural shingles.

Shed 29

After the roof was on we were finally a little less worried about any impending rain we thought we would be getting. That’s one of the bad things about deciding to finally get on this project so late in the summer/fall. The other issue; it gets dark early.

Before we put up the siding we decided to wrap the shed in Tyvex. It was a choice we keep going back and forth on but in the end decided to go with it.

Shed 30

Once we had the structure wrapped we headed back to the big ‘ole box store again. This time we picked up all the siding.

Shed 31

Chris installed the rest of the trim before we started in on the siding.

Shed 32

He even added in some of the flashing.

Shed 33

To cut the siding we rented a tool at a local rental shop. It was pretty easy to use and had basically no dust which was great.

Shed 34

Then we just got to work putting up all the siding. Chris created two tools out of scrap wood so that we could make sure there was an even offset on each row of siding.

Shed 35

We worked our way around the shed with the siding and finally finished up all the corners and edges that had to be cut to fit around the windows and door. Then Chris came back and caulked the edges edges around the trim.

Shed 37

Once the siding was up we decided to go ahead and paint in hopes that we could finish before it got to cold and rained.

This is the spot where I short of gave up. From here Chris worked at getting all the cedar shakes up to finish it off. He even got some more gravel to mound around the slab to use as a ramp for the riding lawn mower.

Shed 38

Didn’t he do a great job. It’s like a little mini house over there. Once it was all finished we even had some lighting wired up. While we were having some other work done we had an electrician bring wiring out to the shed. He even wired it so that the flood light on the back would turn on when our back porch lights turn on. Which is really convenient when Chris goes out to take care of the dog in the dark. The other wiring was to a light by the door and an outlet and shop light for the interior.

Shed 39

Here’s a close up of the side. It’s pretty right?

Shed 40

It really is a mini house. We were hoping that it would blend in and wouldn’t decrease the value of the house. Not that we are planning on moving anytime soon.

Shed 41

That’s the end. It already has a bunch of things shoved in there and out of the weather and the garage. All that’s left is figuring out some shelving for better storage. That probably won’t happen until later this summer.


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