Ribbon Covered Pencil Cups

I got sick last week and spent most of the week at home. Do you know what’s worse than being sick? Being home and having no energy to work on all those projects that I really want to.

Finally by Sunday I was starting to feel a little better. I was dying to finish something on my list so I picked something I knew I could finish quickly.

I have been using an old cup and a broken mug to hold pens, scissors and other notions in my sewing room. It wasn’t really enough space and they didn’t look so pretty.

A few months ago I started collecting cans that we used, cleaned them well and ripped off the labels. I choose cans that were white inside since I thought they would look a little nicer.

At first I considered using yarn to cover them but when I tried I just didn’t like the way it looked. Instead when I was at Hobby Lobby a while ago I picked up a few rolls of ribbon when they were half off. I think I paid about $2 a roll so total of $6. Not the cheapest project but not bad for 4 pencil cups. I also didn’t use all the ribbon so I have something left for more projects.

Pencil Can 1

As far as putting them together there really wasn’t much to it.

Pencil Can 2

First I figured out what I wanted the cans to look like and which ribbons to put where. Then I figured out how long I needed each strip to be and added on a little so I could turn under one edge.

Pencil Can 3

Then I flattened it out on a ruler to measure the length so I could cut the rest the same size.

Pencil Can 6

Using the hot glue gun I turned under one edge of the ribbon so that it won’t fray when it’s done.

Pencil Can 4

Then I started gluing on the ribbons around the can.

Pencil Can 5

Then I added another ribbon. I tacked the ribbon down a little along the top or  bottom so that it wouldn’t slip around once it was done.

Pencil Can 7

I knew that I wanted the center ribbon to be on top of the other two so I put it on last. I ran a little glue along the back to keep it in place.

Pencil Can 8

The seems at the ends ended up being a little bulky so I staggered them a bit.

Pencil Can 9

I did the same thing with the next can.

Pencil Can 11

Since I didn’t want to have two cans that were exactly the same I switched up the pattern on the last two.

Pencil Can 12

In the end what did I think? Well they still look like cans yes but they look so much better than just the uncovered cans. They were pretty cost effective and they give me a lot more room to store things and organize which I like. So I’m pretty happy with them.

Anyone else creating your own pencil cups for your craft room or office?

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