Sewing A Shirt

Remember a long time back when I talked about sewing more shirts. Well another fabric in the pile was meant for McCall’s 6167. I actually started it a while ago and just now got around to finishing it. Are you seeing a trend here? Start a project, wait a month or more and then finally get around to finishing it. Yeah I know I’m still working on this.

Anyways back to the shirt.

Blue Shirt 6

Even though I’ve been sewing for 20 years now I still have issues just about every time I sew something for myself. It’s probably just because I am way to picky. I usually feel good about the construction but the fit or look seems to be less than perfect. This time around the shirt ended up being a little big. It worked out ok since there is the draw string around the waist but if I were to use this pattern again I think I would make it one size smaller. Even though my measurement are a perfect match for the size I made it always seems like everything is too big. You would think I would learn and just make everything small but that doesn’t seem to work either.

I don’t know if I’ve shared before that my sewing machine is actually a late 1950’s Singer slant needle machine. When I went off to college my mom let me take her grandmother’s machine with me since I didn’t have one of my own. It may be fairly simple but it has a surprising amount of functions and it is so well made and sturdy. I love it. I have thought about buying a new one but I just can’t see spending so much money on all those new features that I would never use.

Sewing Machine

Now I’m telling you all this because for this shirt I needed buttonholes. Since this isn’t a fancy machine it doesn’t just have a button hole setting. Well a few years ago when going to garage sales with a friend I found this:

Buttonhole Machine

I had never seen one before but for a dollar I took the chance that it would work with my machine. I did some research online and came across a copy of the book that was supposed to go with it. Luckily the only plate that was left in the box was exactly the one I needed. Even after finding the book it’s taken me years to finally use the button hole attachment. I just really don’t like sewing buttonholes.

Blue Shirt 2

Actually using the attachment was pretty easy. I set everything up and did a few test runs adjusting different things to make sure I liked the look and that it would fit my button. Then I just started in on the shirt.

Blue Shirt 1

Once it’s set up all that has to be done is press the presser foot and watch it go around. I ended up doing two times around because I thought there wasn’t enough thread with just one pass.

Blue Shirt 4

So there it is, one button hole done.

Blue Shirt 3

To sum up here’s my thoughts on the Pattern:
– I should have made it a size smaller
– I had to add a length of elastic to the back of the waist tie to make long enough to actually tie in a bow
– I had to cut about 5″ off the bottom because it was so long

Blue Shirt 7

Now that I’ve washed it I have to iron it now. . . That will probably take a week or more. This is why I never buy clothes that have to be ironed. I don’t like ironing. So why again did I sew something that has to be ironed?


2 thoughts on “Sewing A Shirt

  1. I love this! You are too funny. I had a lot of fun reading about your grandmother’s sewing machine. Looks a lot like my mothers, however her maching makes button holes. Your Mother-In-Law

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