Pretty Up That Recipe Box

I can’t remember exactly how I came across this but once I laid eyes on it I was in love:

Source: via Kaitlyn on Pinterest

My first thought was that’s the same recipe box I have. Then my next thought was that it was so pretty and mine looks messy and boring. I took this photo as a challenge to create my own dividers and recipe cards and make my recipe box look this pretty.

I didn’t take any before photos but it looked pretty boring. I was using 3×5 index cards, the original white dividers and a bunch of folded up recipe cards. I never really like the 3×5 cards they were inexpensive and easy to find but they just aren’t really big enough to write out all all the directions I needed.

Armed with the idea of a pretty recipe box I went in search of some pretty paper to use as my dividers. I picked out 12 different patterns that I liked out of a pack of 6″x6″ sheets.

Recipe Box 2

I then worked on some recipe cars and added some colors to match the papers and recipe box.  I printed out some test pieces to see how the colors worked with together.

Recipe Box 3

Once I was happy with the cards I went through the process of printing out 50 sheets worth of cards for a total of 100 cards. I knew that I wouldn’t need that many but I didn’t want to have to figure out how to print more when I needed them later. Originally I was going to use my paper cutter to cut them out but I had a hard time lining them up and I found it was just easier to cut them out with a pair of scissors.

Recipe Box 5

Since I often don’t feel like there’s enough room to write directions I also created a back side to each one. I printed out the front sides and then flipped the pages over and printed the backs. They ended up being close but just a little bit off but once I trimmed them it’s hardly noticeable.

Recipe Box 6

I also printed out a template to use of the dividers. When printed they weren’t exactly 4×6 but I adjusted a little.

Recipe Box 4

Since the scrapbook paper is pretty thin I taped another piece of white card stock behind them to help them stand up and so the tabs wouldn’t bend when I pulled on them. I added labels based on different categories that worked for me. They included; beef, chicken, fish, soup, sauces, side dish, main dish, bread, breakfast, cookie and dessert.

Then on most of Sunday I worked on transferring all my recipes to my new cards. After many hours of Gilmore Girls and many hand cramps I finally finished them up.

Recipe Box 7

Now the recipe box looks so pretty and organized.

Hopefully since I have lots of extra cards I will be encouraged to keep transferring recipes in the future.

Recipe Box 8

Anyone else needing to give your recipe box some love?

If you’re interested here are jpg files of the fronts and backs of all three colors of cards. The files are actually 8″x12″ so that the resolution was a little better. I was able to open each jpg file in windows picture viewer and print it as two 4″x6″ photos per page. Hopefully it works for you as well.

Click on each thumbnail to open full size. Then click save as and you can save the jpg on your computer and print from there.

Recipe Card Front Teal  Recipe Card Back Teal

Recipe Card Front Pink  Recipe Card Back Pink

Recipe Card Front Green  Recipe Card Back Green

Happy Cooking and Baking!

One thought on “Pretty Up That Recipe Box

  1. I love this! Bigger with more space! So cute. Hope you don’t mind but I just shared this on my Facebook page! Now we just need the matching menu magnets to go with the recipe cards….Hint Hint!

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