Sewing Notions Conquered

For a many years now this is how I have organized all my sewing notions.

Sewing Notions Organization 1

Basically with very little organization. I tried to keep like things together but they still pretty much just all got thrown into these drawers. I never liked digging around in the drawers filled with all sorts of things and I have never really been happy with this corner of the room.
Sewing Notions Organization 2

I knew I wanted some knew so I started brainstorming ideas. I finally came up with the idea of using canning jars to organize everything.

The first thing was take everything out of the drawers and pile them up to see what I had.

Sewing Notions Organization 3

I had a couple of different sizes of jars already so I used those to see what could fit in each jar and how many jars I thought I would actually need. At first I thought I would go with the short fat jars that’s in the back and the larger jar. I figured I would need about 12 jars of each size.  When I really started looking at the choices of jars i found in a local store I ended up picking two different jars. Since the smaller fatter jars are actually hard to stack I choose a a 4oz quilted crystal jelly jar and the taller 12oz one that matches.

Sewing Notions Organization 4

I filled all the jars up with the piles I already had. I even found a couple of cute bird cage containers at Micheal’s to hold a few of the things that didn’t fit in the jars.

Once I had everything all sorted out I wanted to create labels for the jars so I could tell what was in each jar. I had these two oval punches that I used on our wedding invitations and they were the perfect size to fit inside the flattened label area already on the jar. I punched out a bunch of the smaller size in a white card stock and wrote on them.

Sewing Notions Organization 7

Then I punched out the larger oval out of the papers left over from recipe box to make the labels a little more pretty.

Sewing Notions Organization 8

I used the tape runner to tape the labels to the pretty paper and the dots to glue the labels to the jars.

Sewing Notions Organization 9

Sewing Notions Organization 10

While I was at it I even labeled other storage boxes in the sewing room to match the jars. This has already come in handy when I’ve been looking for things.

Sewing Notions Organization 11

Now I couldn’t stop at just some pretty labels I had to make the lid rings pretty too. I bought a can of spray paint in aqua and set up all the rings in the garage. I was going to do the other part of the lid as well but I liked the pattern it has on the top and I thought the contrast might be nice.

Sewing Notions Organization 5

A few coats of spray paint later and they look really pretty.

Sewing Notions Organization 6

Then all I had to do was put the lids on the jars.

The next day however I came back and most of the labels had started to peel off the jars. It seems that my tape dots were not strong enough.

Sewing Notions Organization 12

So I was back to the drawing board looking for another way to attach the labels to the jars. I came up with some other solutions but decided to try using another tape first. This time around I used the dots to tape the labels to the scrapbook paper and then I used this stronger tape to attach the labels to the jars.

Sewing Notions Organization 13

I tried just two jars to see how it would go and when I came back the next day they were still attached to the jars!

Sewing Notions Organization 14

Unfortunately, since the dots and tape from the first labels were well stuck to the papers I had to make all new labels.

Sewing Notions Organization 17

Once I had the labels done and attached I even ran a few dots of hot glue to attach the seals to the rings so the lids would come off in one twist.

Sewing Notions Organization 16

I love how pretty and well organized they all look. Now all I need is some kind of a tiered stand so I can see all the labels a little better.

Sewing Notions Organization 15

Anyone else been using canning jars for something other than canning? Have you come up with a non-traditional way to store your craft supplies or sewing notions?

One thought on “Sewing Notions Conquered

  1. They’re so cute that I’m looking around the house to see what I can put into jars just so I can have jars with cute lids and cute labels! You have found a lot of great ways to use your paper punches from your wedding! I think I’m going to have to pick up the set myself! I’ll let you know if I find a tiered shelf that would work with your jars! ! !

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