The Color Parade

Ever since we finished painting our kitchen I have been thinking about what I want I want our whole house palette to look like. I really want to come up with a scheme before I start painting willy-nilly and pretty soon nothing goes at all.

Well as usual I’m having a hard time making a decision. Here’s what I’ve been thinking as of tonight (all colors are from Martha Stewart’s Paints):

Darkening Sky MSL166 Azurite MSL167 Sunken Pool MSL126 Love in a Mist MSL142 Driftwood Gray MSL265 Zinc MSL267

A whole lot of blue and gray right? Wow the more I think about it the more boring I become. I swear in real life I’m not this boring with color. I really am planning on adding pops of other colors with accessories  At least that will be the plan.

Back to the color palette: Darkening sky is the color we used in the kitchen so that was the starting off point.

As far as locations for the other colors this is what I have been thinking:

Driftwood Gray MSL265

Laundry Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Guest Room
Powder Room Ceiling
Garage Cabinets

Zinc MSL267

Powder Room
Guest Room Furniture
Sewing Room

Sunken Pool MSL126

Coat Closets
Laundry Room Ceiling
Master Bedroom Closet?
Guest Bathroom
Sewing Room Ceiling

Love in a Mist MSL142

Bedroom Ceiling
Pantry Ceiling
Coat Closet Ceiling

Azurite MSL167

Front Door
Sewing Room Ceiling
Garage Pegboard

Of course the more I look at the colors the more I begin to waver. One big problem being that the house is painted all this beige color that I don’t love.

Whole House Wall Color

I’m not sure how much I want to match what is already here or how long it will be before we get around to painting all those high ceilings (like 22 feet high) and walls that flow into one another all over the main floor and even the upstairs hallway.

Which is another issue. If we ever get around to painting this bulk of the main floor I should consider what color I would want to do all this space. I am afraid that the Driftwood Gray, which is my lighter neutral will be too cool and bright. Not at all warm and cozy like I’d want.

So here I am wavering again. Here’s another set I’ve been thinking about with different grays:

Sharkey Gray MSL240 Gray Squirrel MSL243 Love in a Mist MSL142 Sunken Pool MSL126 Darkening Sky MSL166 Azurite MSL167

So do I switch to a more brown-gray? I really was trying not to have too much brown since I don’t love brown.

Ahh! I guess this is where I am. Still completely undecided. Maybe I should get sample pots of all four grays and then I could paint them all over the house and decide. That’s not crazy right? I only have about half a dozen sample pots of various colors in these schemes.

Anyone else trying to come up with a whole house paint palette? Do you have a hard time deciding on colors or do you just like to jump in?

*Check out the Paint Page for my current choice of colors and what rooms have been painted!


2 thoughts on “The Color Parade

  1. This made me laugh a lot. You are so indecisive its hilarious. But these are big decisions so think them over before starting to paint the whole house. I will know that for the next house. =)

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