Organizing the Garage Continued

When we last left off with our new garage cabinets we had just installed the first stack of cabinets.

*Check out Part 1 and Part 3 for the rest of the story.

Garge Cabinets 15

Before we could install the rest of the cabinets we needed to work on the custom cabinet to see how everything together and so we could adjust accordingly. We decided to create a frame using 2×4’s for strength, especially since the cabinet is wide, tall and has an open bottom. The purpose of this cabinet is to house our miter saw as well as allow access to our electrical panel.

Chris started out by cutting the boards for the frame and using the kreg jig to drill pocket holes.

Garge Cabinets 14

After the sides of the frame were together Chris then tied them together with more 2×4’s to form the box.

Garge Cabinets 16

Here’s another shot of the what we had going so far. Chris set up the tool box and next set of cabinets so that he could adjust everything to see how it would all need to fit together.

Garge Cabinets 17

Once the frame for the custom cabinet was together and he knew where everything would need to go Chris was able to install the last set of cabinets to the wall.

Garge Cabinets 19

Next we got some 3/4″ sanded plywood and cut boards for the sides of the custom cabinet. Chris painted the sides so that once they were dry he could install the cabinet against the wall. At the same time we were able to cut out the new doors on the lower cabinets. These cabinets came with glass doors so we needed something more durable for the garage.

Garge Cabinets 18

After more painting and sanding Chris moved the custom cabinet frame back in place and got ready to install the upper cabinets. First Chris hung a level board so that we could balance the cabinets while he screwed them into place. Since the cabinets originally has a thin white back Chris removed that and added a few cleats to hang them with.

Garge Cabinets 27

After the first one was up we then installed the second cabinet.

Garge Cabinets 26

Now that the upper cabinets were installed Chris moved the lowers back into place. We weren’t yet ready to install those permanently since we weren’t sure what we wanted to do about the workbench.

Garge Cabinets 25

Before we finished off the custom cabinet we cut plywood to finish off the top and to use as the main shelf.

Once those were installed we cut and put up the face trim to cover up the 2×4’s and raw plywood edge. I then covered the screws with wood putty and Chris worked on how to install the hinges.

Garage Cabinets 25

Then we cut more 3/4″ sanded plywood to use for the doors and Chris installed them using the face frame hinges.

Garage Cabinets 27

Lets just pause here and take in how good things are looking. Oh it’s so pretty if I do say so.

Garage Cabinets 28

Now back to work. Once we had the doors up and knew that they would work Chris took them all back down.

Garage Cabinets 31

We had yet another debate on whether it was worth the time and money but eventually we both gave in and decided to add the edge banding.

Garage Cabinets 29

It was a little weird to be ironing in the garage but hopefully the end result of a better looking product will be worth it.

Once the banding was on Chris took over and sanded all the edges and faces of the doors. Then he primed and painted the doors to match everything else.

Garage Cabinets 30

Once the doors were painted Chris installed them all once again.

Garage Cabinets 32

I think I’ll leave it there for now. We worked pretty hard all weekend and I’m sure we’ll keep working this week. We may even finish up the last touches as well as get everything all organized.

Anyone else taking on some large organizational projects this month?

*Check out Part 1 and Part 3 for the rest of the story.


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