Making A Custom Magnet Board

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to reveal my Pinterest Challenge results. I’m proud to say that late last night I finally got around to finishing it. If you read my post from last week I talked about wanting to create a magnet board. I actually made one and here’s how I did it follow along and you can make one too.

Magnet Board 9

I didn’t know exactly how I was going to make this but I picked up a some supplies while we were already at Home Depot getting materials for the garage cabinets. Anything else I thought I might need I figured I would have at home.

Magnet Board 1

Here’s a round up of what I ended up using:

Sheet of Zinc Metal* (18″x12″): $4.97
Hemlock Molding (7′): $4.06
Screw Eyes: $1.18
Velcro 3m Strips: $3.18
Spray Paint: On Hand
Paint Tester: On Hand ($3 each new)
Epoxy: On Hand
Ribbon: On Hand
3m Hook: On Hand
Ribbon: On Hand
Magnet Roll: On Hand
Buttons: On Hand

Total: $13.39

*As a side note it’s a good idea to bring a magnet with you to make sure the sheet you choose with work for your needs.

I used our miter saw and cut the molding down to about 1 inch shorter than my sheet metal on each side. Since our miter saw was a little off I didn’t get a perfect 45 degree cut and I had to be a little creative with trying to attach the frame. I ended up using wood glue and a lot of tape to hold it all in place and let it dry over night.

Magnet Board 2

Surprisingly when I came back the next day the glue was dry and the frame held together. Since I still had gaps at the corners I used some left over chalking to fill in the gaps.

Magnet Board 4

Once I had the frame done I decided to try painting the metal sheet. I had a paint tester that I wanted to use but I didn’t think that it would adhere to the metal. I figured that spray paint is meant to adhere to metal so pulled out a left over can I had and gave it a good coat.

Magnet Board 3

Once that was dry I used a foam roller to roll on a light coat of paint. The paint tester I used for this was Sunken Pool by Martha Stewart which I already bought to test the color on some walls in our house.

Magnet Board 5

At the same time I pulled out my tester of Love in a Mist also by Martha Stewart and painted the frame using a brush.

Magnet Board 6

The worst part about most projects is the waiting. It took me at least three nights to finish the painting since it took two coats on the sheet metal and 3 coats on the frame to get everything covered.In the end the sheet metal didn’t come out perfectly smooth but the texture isn’t really noticeable in the finished product.

Next I worked on how to attach the metal to the frame. Chris and I stood in the adhesive aisle of Home Depot trying to figure out what to use for a while. In the end I finally just decided to use an epoxy that we already had at home which we purchased for something else but didn’t end up needing it.

Unfortunately since I only cut the frame an inch smaller it made it difficult to get the frame to stay on the sheet just by holding it down. The molding has a bit of a lip on the back side that made it difficult to glue down. To combat this I grabbed about every book I had in the vicinity to make sure the epoxy would fully adhere to the frame.

Magnet Board 7

After the recommended 40 min I removed the books and took a look. For the most part it adhered except for on one of the short sides. I squirted some super glue on it and put some more books on it in hopes that it would hold it just a little better.

I think if I were to do it again I would have just used the super glue and “clamped” it with the books. That probably would have been a lot easier and I wouldn’t have worried so much about the epoxy squeezing out on the front.

Once the sheet was glued to the frame the rest was mostly the finishing touches. I used a small drill to pre-drill holes to attach screw eyes to the top of the board to hang the frame by.

I wanted to add a title to my board so I punched out some scrapbook papers and stuck on some adhesive magnets on the backs. I tried really hard to create some kind of flower to use as a magnets but I just couldn’t make something I liked. Instead I found some buttons I already had and hot glued magnets to the backs.

Magnet Board 8

Once I got everything together and added a ribbon to the board it was ready to hang. I chose to put it inside my pantry door and hung it using a white decorative 3m hook which I already had at home.

Magnet Board 11

Since the board bangs against the door when opening and closing it I attached some 3m velcro hooks to the top and bottom of the board. Now that baby is solid as a rock. I probably could have just hung it on the door with the velcro hooks but then I wouldn’t have the pretty ribbons!

Magnet Board 10

Now the question is what to do with a magnet board in the pantry? Well, you could keep a grocery list, a pantry inventory  or any other information you may not want to keep on your fridge. I’ve got a different plan for this board though. Check back tomorrow and I’ll show you what I have in mind for my new magnet board!

Anyone else creating something fun for the pinterest challenge?

Check out how I used this board by making magnet menu cards here.

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