Makin’ Menus

Yesterday I posted about the new magnet board I made but I didn’t say what my plan was for it. Well I actually made it for my menu cards.

A while back I came across the idea of creating magnetic menu cards. At first I was using them on the side of the fridge. This worked out ok but there were two problems. One is that the cats love to knock them off the fridge and chew on them. The other problem was that I didn’t like looking at the mess they had become on the side of the fridge every time I walked into the kitchen.

Menu Cards 1

Not exactly the most attractive or well organized thing ever.

My initial solution was to paint the inside of the pantry door with magnetic paint . After doing some research I just wasn’t sure that it was worth trying that. Instead I decided to go with a magnet board. Something that would add a pretty decorative touch to the pantry.

Since I was making a new pretty magnet board and after my revamp of my recipe box I had to update my menu cards as well. I debated about how I wanted to make the cards and what colors I wanted to use. I finally landed on a grey on grey chevron pattern with a black border. I figured that the magnet board had enough color that I didn’t want to compete with it.

Menu Cards 2

On each of the cards I wrote down one of my tried and true meals that I make. I transferred each of the meals I had on the cards before as well as any new ones that I have begun adding to the mix. Then I cut a small strip from the roll of magnets I had and they are ready to go.

Menu Cards 3

All I had to do was slap them on my magnet board. Since I could store them all on the board I put the rest in a small container I already had and stuck it to the door with the velcro strips. I don’t love the location and I think I may end up moving it to the wall inside the pantry.

In the past I’ve used my cards in two different ways. One way is to post up whatever meals that I have the ingredients for. Then when I come home and easily see what I can make for dinner and I can pick what I want to make.

Another way I’ve used them is by going through all the cards and set out the meals that I plan on making the next week. That way I can go through the pantry and make sure to pick up what grocery’s I need when we do our weekly trip.

Menu Cards 4

The great thing about the menu cards is that it helps me to vary what I make for dinner. That way I don’t end up feeling like we are always eating the same thing week after week.

Menu Cards 5

Compared to how long it took me to create the magnet board this was a pretty quick project.

If you’re interested in making your own menu cards why not give it a try to see how it goes for you.  Below is a copy of the cards I created. Just save the file to your computer and print them on a 8×11.5 cardstock paper. Then all you need is a few magnets and you’re ready to go.

Grey Menu Card Page

If you’re interested in something with a little color you can also print out one of the other colors I created before I decided on the black and grey.

Green Menu Card Page   Pink Menu Cards   Teal Menu Card Page

Have you been working on any projects to make your kitchen run a little smoother?

2 thoughts on “Makin’ Menus

  1. I love your magnetic board! ! ! And the menu magnets – that’s what Iive been waiting for. I love it – I want to post this on my facebook – hope that’s ok? Brag you up to my girlfriends!

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