Garage Cabinets Completed

It really is all those finishing touches on the project that seem to take the longest. For the last week or so Chris has been doing the organizing and last touches so that we can finally call this project done.

Check our Part 1 and Part 2 for the rest of the story.

As a reminder here’s what we started with.

Garge Cabinets 3

When we left of the last time we had hung that upper cabinets and Chris had installed the rest of the doors.

Garage Cabinets 32

The next step was building the work surface. Chris cut 1×3’s down to size and used the kreg to build a frame to act as a base for the work surface.

Garage Cabinets 33

Building this base made it possible to have a larger surface (by pushing the cabinets away from the wall) that could be secured to the wall and to the cabinets below. Chris also screwed a 1×2 cleat to the wall just below the frame for support at the wall.

Garage Cabinets 34

We cut a piece of 3/4″ plywood down to size and attached some 1×2 strips to the sides of the plywood. Then Chris just slide the surface into place.

Garage Cabinets 35

Once it was centered where we wanted it Chris used wood screws to attach the back of the plywood to the cleat and then screwed through the top of the cabinets up through the frame and into the surface.

Garage Cabinets 36

Screwing the surface down also made it possible to square up the otherwise not perfectly flat plywood. All that was left to finish out the surface was the last piece of trim on the front.

Garage Cabinets 37

We knew when we started that we wanted to fill the wall space behind the bench with a pegboard. Chris cut and screwed up 1×2’s to use as support and spacers for hanging the pegboard.

Garage Cabinets 38

While Chris was working on the pegboard I screwed up  a couple of scrap pieces to hold the center of the board out from the wall as well.

Garage Cabinets 39

Then Chris used the jig saw to cut out holes for the electrical outlets on the wall and screwed the pegboard to the frame.

Garage Cabinets 40

Then it was on to all that organizing. Chris took a few nights figuring out what to put where and what shelves and other storage we needed inside the cabinets.

Garage Cabinets 41

Chris and I worked together to figure out the puzzle that was the pegboard. We pulled out tools that we thought we would use the most and then hung then up. We also bought the clear organizer drawers to hold all those little bits and screws that were floating around.

Chris finished out the pegboard with some trim we found in my dad’s garage that he had made. We also found a corner L shaped trim to finish out the holes around the outlets.

You can also see some of the hardware in the picture below. Since we had to make our own doors for some of the cabinets we needed pulls for them. We considered putting matching knobs on the rest of the cabinets but we decided we liked the way it already looked and it wasn’t worth the cost. The pulled are a mock hammered black vintage looking knob. They also happened to be the cheapest knobs we could find at Home Depot for $1.30 each.

Garage Cabinets 42

Chris worked over the weekend to  organize that garage cabinets which included some organizing of the shed by extension.

Garage Cabinets 43

We don’t have everything set up perfectly and we are already thinking about changes to make but I think we can consider this job done! It will just continue to change as we continue to use the garage more.

Chris even built some storage racks inside the cabinets for bottle and sandpaper. So handy.

Garage Cabinets 44

We have gained so much storage in our garage now. We both love how fancy and professional the cabinets look. The grey paint was a great choice.

Garage Cabinets 45

It’s great that all the things that were out and visibly messy can now be hidden behind closed doors.

Garage Cabinets 48

Taking a few steps back here is what the cabinets look like all together. They fill up the entire wall of the one car garage bay.

Garage Cabinets 46

Garage Cabinets 47

Out of curiosity I kept track of what we spent building the cabinets and organizing the garage.

Breakdown of Costs:
Wood Faced Cabinets ($10 ea.): $120
Glass Faced Cabinets ($15): $30
Wood: $222
Paint: $43
Hardware: $80
Misc: $28
Total: $522

I think that we did pretty good. I figure buying something pre-made would have been almost $2000 and my original estimate of hand built cabinets would have been at least $700 not including many of the things we ended up needing like edge banding, pegboard, trim and knobs. I think that’s a major savings and it’s great to finally have a real workspace and usable storage.

Anyone else been working on their garage or some other other big organization projects?

3 thoughts on “Garage Cabinets Completed

  1. $2000 is way low. You guys did a very nice job. I’m trying to get my hubby to do something similar. He wants to buy all new stuff and the quotes are around $5k. You guys did this for $500. Wow!

    • They are still doing great. It’s nice to have everything behind closed doors. We aren’t too hard on them but the finish still looks pretty good. Since we’ve finished we actually found out that the cabinets are from ikea but they are a lot more than what we payed for them used.

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