Splashing Some Paint on the Closet Walls

While I already had out the paint and all the paint supplies I decided to take on the two coat closets that we have on the main floor. The first closet is near the front door under the stairs and had an awkwardly placed coat rod in the back.

I started out here by doing a couple of swatches to test out some colors before I started even painting the pantry. The darker blue on the left is Lagoon, Sunken Pool is next to that and Love in a Mist is below. Again they are all from the Martha Stewart paint line. If you read the post about our pantry you already know that I chose Sunken Pool and Love in a Mist. Check that out that post for more info on the paint I used and colors.

Closets 1

Since this closet has a slanted roof I decided to just paint it all with the Sunken Pool. I did one solid coat with a brush, pad and large roller. Than I came back and did a second very light coat with the roller to fill in any missed spots and used a brush to go over the corners the second time.

Closets 2

It’s hard to take photos of such a dark closet as well as a dark corner of our house. I think the color show up much darker than it is in person. In person I would say it’s quite a bit lighter and brighter. You can see another view of the paint in the pantry post.

You can see that we also completely removed the shelf and coat rod from the closet to paint.

Closets 3

The second closet I painted was smaller than the first and that is back near the door to the garage. I hadn’t originally intended to paint this closet but since I had the paint out I thought I why not just do it all at once.

Closets 4

Another view of the smaller closet. The paint does look a little closer to true life in this one.

Closets 5

Another part of my closet make over was moving the shelf in the deeper closet and adding a curtain to hide the less than fantastic storage. I used two different chevron patterns that I found at Joann’s. All I did was serge both pieces together and then hem all the edges. At the top I did a double turned 3 inch hem.

Closets 6

On the bottom I accidentally measured wrong so I only did a double turned 2 inch hem. On the sides I did a double turned 1 inch hem and folded the corners in to create a crisp corner.

Closets 7

I didn’t end up serging the raw edges first mostly because I was too lazy and I figured that this won’t get a lot of wash and wear anyway. Also since I turned the hems twice the raw edges aren’t visible anyway.

Closets 8

We installed the shelf at the front of the closet so that we could hang our motorcycle gear as well as allow me to get behind it to get things out of the closet. I also hung the curtain using a tension rod I bought a long time again and Syrlig curtain clips from Ikea. The curtain clips are great and made sewing and hanging the curtain pretty fast.

Closets 9

You can see the second contrast band of coral colored chevron on the bottom of the curtain. I actually hung the curtain in place and marked were I wanted the hem to land before I cut off the fabric. It’s a little long but I didn’t want it to end up looking uneven or showing a gap below to what was behind.

Closets 10

Behind the curtain I have a bunch of things stored including the vacuum  mop, candles and a lot of electrical cords and connectors. With the curtain pulled back I can easily get to everything that’s behind.

Closets 11

Back to the smaller closet. We put everything back inside and this time it was a lot less crowded on the rod. It’s so nice not having to try and shove the lesser used motorcycle gear out of the way which never fit well since the closet isn’t quite deep enough.

Closets 12

A while back we also hung a couple of hooks on the wall in the closet so I could hang a bag for work and a few of my most used purses in easy reach but out of the way. That way they don’t just sit on the bench in the living room all the time.

Closets 13

Now that’s three small areas painted all bright and pretty. It is so much more fun to open a door and see the teal-y blue instead of the boring beige that had gotten all dirty and scuffed.

Anyone else giving a pop of color to some closets?

*Slowly but surely we are adding more colors to the Wall Color Page. Go check it out for more info and photos.


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