Bring on the Spring (Wreath) Please

A few weeks back I saw this wreath on Pinterest and it inspired me to update my yarn wreath to something that’s ready for spring.

Source: viaKaity on Pinterest

The ironic part of this project was that I was working on a spring wreath on the same day that we woke up to snow all over the ground in March. I guess that’s true wishful thinking for you.

Instagram Snowfall

The first thing I had to do was take down my wreaths, which still happened to be decorated for fall. I kept meaning to change them for winter but never got around to it. As I was pulling them down and trying to keep the cats from escaping I dropped one and it broke right in half. Apparently styrofoam is more fragile than I expected. I was able to hot glue it back together and wrap the yarn around it again so it worked out ok.

Spring Wreath 1

Now I have a little confession to make. Back a few weeks ago when they were doing a promotional I ordered a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine. I know that they are completely frivolous but I am already really enjoying my new crafty machine.

Spring Wreath 5

I pretty much made this whole project using my new pretty little machine or as Chris likes to call it my two axis router.

Spring Wreath 6

I used my free download card to buy one of the 3D flower patterns from Silhouette and resized it to cut out four different sizes of flowers. The I used papers which all came from a spring scrapbook paper stack that I purchased a a few years back for some other project.

Spring Wreath 2

I used the end of my silhouette spatula handle to curl the petals of the flowers up. Then I used a small silver pin through the centers to attach them to the wreath.

Spring Wreath 3

I kept cutting and pinning and I worked my way around the side of the wreath with the decreasing sizes of flowers.

Spring Wreath 4

Here’s one with all of it’s flowers attached.

Spring Wreath 7

Since I wanted to add just a little something extra I created a banner that says “Welcome Spring”. Some of the letters had cut out centers so I cut another triangle to glue behind each patterned triangle.

Spring Wreath 8

Then I laid the banner out behind the wreath to figured out the placement before I started attaching them.

Spring Wreath 9

I used some glue dots to connect the triangles together and then pinned the banner to the wreath. The bunny and the bows came from the free pattern of the week from last week and I just couldn’t help but add them since they’re so cute.

Spring Wreath 10

Once I had the wreaths all together I hung them back up using the same grey ribbons and 3m hooks on the inside of the door. Since our porch is covered I’m not worried about the paper getting rained on. So far they seems to be doing ok with changes in temperature but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Spring Wreath 13

I really love the way they turned out.

Spring Wreath 11

They are so bright and happy and ready for spring, even if the weather isn’t.

Spring Wreath 12

Now there may be snow on the ground but apparently our pansies think it’s time to bloom. I guess we had such a mild winter they didn’t die, hopefully this cold spring won’t kill them.

Spring Wreath 14

Anyone else working on some spring decor?

3 thoughts on “Bring on the Spring (Wreath) Please

  1. Hi Kaitlyn,

    You’re so clever and talented. I love looking at your stuff but I’m not a crafty person, but I love to see what you do. Keep me on the list.

    Grandma Kimball


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