Putting Up Some Paint in the Powder Room

I finally made one more decision on paint colors. Slowly but surely I am working on figuring out what I want my house palette to look like. Not surprisingly the next color I chose wasn’t even a color that I mentioned back here in my post about choosing colors.

Here’s a set of various colors I was actually trying sampling in an effort to figure out what I wanted to use other places in the house as well as the powder room. They aren’t perfectly true to life but it’s pretty hard to take photos in a room with no natural light.

Painting Powder Room 12

If you notice there’s something different snuck in there and it’s Martha Stewart’s Plumage. Here’s another shot to give a little different look at the color. It is such a pretty deep teal. On the color swatch in the store it looks really green but on the walls in real lighting it looks a lot more blue.

Painting Powder Room 11

It may seem like a weird choice but it’s actually a color I found online and fell in love with it many times over but I just never picked up the sample in the store. I think I always overlooked it because of how green it looked.

Then I came across a picture of a dining room painted with Plumage when I was looking at colors for the powder room and I fell in love all over again. If you want to see some of the pictures I was looking at you can check them out over on Teal and Lime.

With the decision made and confirmed I started in on the prep work and the painting. I know it probably takes a little longer to tape but I prefer it so much over trying to cut in. This time I even taped off the ceiling since we decided not to paint that.

Painting Powder Room 2

While I was getting set up a certain cat thought that he’d just jump in the sink and check it all out. I just hope that sink is rated to hold such a beefy cat.

Painting Powder Room 1

I actually picked up the paint for this at the same time that I got the paint for the pantry.  This time I went with a satin sheen. I actually didn’t remember picking satin instead of eggshell but I must have thought it was a good idea since it’s a bathroom. Although since there’s no tub or shower it probably wouldn’t have mattered to much.

Painting Powder Room 3

Since the paint is so dark we went with a full two coats of paint this time. Chris got up from his basketball watching and helped do some of the rolling and I worked on all the edges and tight corners and finished up the second coat of rolling.

It was amazing how dark the room got after the first coat. I expected it to be dark but it’s like one of the lights went out over the mirror. I really don’t mind though since we don’t really need the extra light. I think a powder room is a great place to go a little crazy since it’s small and doesn’t have to bee seen all the time.

Painting Powder Room 6

It’s so very hard to photograph this room since very little natural light makes it’s way here. I feel like it photographs so much more green than it really is in person.

Painting Powder Room 7

In the end I am in love with the color. I almost wish I had a better place to use it so I could enjoy it a little more. I have been walking by it a lot lately and noticing it’s dark inky goodness.

Now I really need to get on adding some art or shelving to the walls to brighten it up and make it all a little less plain in there. I think the paint by itself has helped a lot but I know that it could be better.

Painting Powder Room 9

After we were done I transferred the left over paint into an empty quart paint container that I bought at Home Depot a while back. I was surprised that it filled it to the top and there was still a little left in the gallon. Since there was a little extra I put what was left in a jar I already had to use on touch ups or maybe some other project some time.

Painting Powder Room 5

So there’s another room painted. Now that I’ve used up the paint that I already bought I guess I’ll take a break from painting for a little while. We’ll see how long I can really last since I’m already thinking about the next set of rooms I want to paint.

Anyone else painting a powder room a dramatic dark color?

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