Scalloped Easter Bunny Table Runner

Happy Easter! I meant to post about this project last week but I just didn’t get around to writing it up. So here it is right in time for Easter.

Last year around Easter I bought some cute bunny fabric on clearance. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with so it but eventually I came up with the idea to make a scalloped edge table runner.

I whipped out my silhouette portrait (cause well why not?) and cut out various sizes of circle.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 1

I finally decided on the 3″ wide circle to use. It wasn’t the largest one but not the smallest so that I didn’t have to do a ton of curves.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 2

I think I bought about a yard of fabric. I cut a strip of fabric that was 16″ wide for the runner and then two smaller strips about 4.5″ wide to use as facings for the scallops.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 3

I thought I would at least finish of one edge of the facings so I serged it first.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 4

Then I just did a small double turned hem.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 5

To make the actual scallops I used the template I made and traced out a half circle using a disappearing ink fabric pen.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 6

Then I traced the circles using the sewing machine keeping about 1/4″ away from the lines I traced.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 7

Once it was all sewn I trimmed the scallops along the lines and up into the point. In order for the scallops to turn well I really had to trim as close up to the point as I could.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 8

Then I took quite a while turning and ironing get everything to lay flat. It didn’t come out perfect but it worked pretty well. To finish off the edges I just serged the ends and did another double turned 1/4″ hem.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 9

I just couldn’t help but cut out a few more flowers with the silhouette to add a little something more to the table.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 10

Aren’t the bunnies just so cute. Bunnies can totally be a spring animal right? I can just keep this up a while longer I think.

I think if I were to do it again I wouldn’t have made the scallops quite so deep but I do think it makes a pretty cute spring table runner.

Easter Bunny Table Runner 11

Anyone else changing up some table decor for spring?

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