Linens, the Loo and Organizing Oh My!

If you’ve been following iheartorganizing you know that last months organizing challenge was for the bathroom and linen closets. I have actually been working on go through and organizing our bathroom and linen closet a few times over the last year so I don’t have a huge overhaul. Although I thought I would take this chance to pick things up a bit and share my system. So far the system must be going ok since it didn’t take long to clean.

A few months or weeks back I did a little bit bigger clean out. I pulled everything out of drawers and boxes. Then I sorted and most importantly got rid of things I didn’t need and no longer used.

Bathroom Organization 1

Now onto the organization.

In general I’m not hugely fond of having a lot of clutter on the counter. I recently moved a large jewelry tree to the closet because I was tired of how much space it was taking up. Now I just try to keep some of the most used items, my makeup brushes, mirror and favorite perfume on the counter.

Bathroom Organization 2

Although we have a large vanity it still doesn’t have a lot of storage. I wish that  it had more drawers but it only has the three in the center of the vanity. As per usual I have the most space and Chris just gets a section of one of the drawers.

Both the top and middle drawer have antonius organizers from ikea. They aren’t perfect but they fit pretty well and help to coral things a little bit.

Bathroom Organization 4

The second drawer holds all of my most used items, makeup, cleansers, lotions and contact stuff.

Bathroom Organization 7

The last drawer is probably the least organized but it just holds my hair products and tools.

Bathroom Organization 6

We are also lucky enough to have a linen closet in our master bath. Here’s how we keep things together in there. I’ve tried to group like items  in containers to coral them all together.

Bathroom Organization 3

Well it way not have been a fantastic overhaul but it was a good excuse to clean things up a bit in the bathroom and linen closet.

Anyone else take on this months iheartorganizing challenge?


5 thoughts on “Linens, the Loo and Organizing Oh My!

  1. I looked around your blog and really liked what you’ve done with the house and all the ideas you had. I wish I knew how to follow you on here! I don’t see a follow button. 😦

    • Thanks Ali! I think there usually is a little grey follow button that pops up near the bottom bar on the web browser that allows you to enter an email address to follow the blog.

  2. I found it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you post. I was looking at your picture? By chance was that taken at Black Waterfalls? Just totally random.

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