It’s a Floor Plan!

Between being gone for Easter and being super lazy last weekend I haven’t got much of anything done. I really wanted to blog more last week and this week but I haven’t gotten around to finishing anything.

During all the time I’ve been sitting on the couch I have finished one thing. I started measuring some rooms to see how much paint I would need for them and ended up attempting to create a floor plan for the second time since we moved in.

I used the Floor Planner  website online and I quickly remembered why I quit in the middle of trying to do it the first time. Since it’s a free service I really shouldn’t complain and really it’s my house that’s the problem not the program. I’m sure it works really well if you have a fairly simple home with mostly square rooms. Unfortunately we have lots of weird corners and our upper floor is smaller than the bottom so the program is a little harder to use.

After some fudging of some walls I came up with a basic representation of our floor plan. It’s not a perfect match but at least it’s something to give you a better feeling about how the house it set up. I even tried to add in some blocks of color to represent the areas that we’ve already painted.

Floor Plan 1st Floor Floor Plan 2nd Floor

While I was at it I figured I might as well update the floor plan with the paint colors I’ve been thinking about. In the sewing room and laundry room I’m thinking about paint the ceilings the background colors and the walls the center color. On the guest room I’m thinking about painting an accent wall.

Future Floor Plan 1st Floor Future Floor Plan 2nd Floor

So there it is. So maybe now when I talk about doing different things around the house you’ll have a better picture of where it’s happening.

If you want some more info on the paint colors we’re thinking about or that we’ve already used check out the Paint Page in the header. I’m also intending to put the floor plan on the House Tour main page to check out later.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Floor Plan!

    • Yeah I think I just had to get over trying to make it perfect and just do it. The software is pretty simple to use once you get your measurements which is really the hardest part.

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