Here We Go (Painting) Again

Wow it just feels like I haven’t posted in a while. Between the weather and general life we haven’t really finished anything that we’ve been working on. Finally last week I finished something! It took me all of the weekend before last and a good portion of nights after work last week but I’m finally done.

After I finished painting the last round of spaces (pantry, closets and powder room) I thought I would take a bit of a break until the Acro Pure paint went on sale which I was hoping would happen sometime in the summer. Well It just so happens that the paint went on sale at the beginning of April and I just couldn’t resist grabbing some more while it was on sale.

This time around I went with the guest room because I was hoping to test out a couple of colors on a room that would be relatively easy to paint. Even though I tested out the colors in the powder room I still decided to do a couple of test swatches of the two colors I wanted to use.

Both colors are actually shown in the Paint Wall Colors tab and of course they are from Martha Stewart again.

Guest Room Painting 17

So before we get started here’s a reminder of what the room looked like before I started painting.

Guest Room 3

Chris helped me to move everything out of the room and take down the roman shades and the closet shelf.  I did a few calculations on space and ended up buying 3 gallons of paint to cover all the walls and the vaulted ceiling. I purchased two of the gallons in flagstone and  one in Zinc and I got to work.

Guest Room Painting 2

I started with the Flagstone Grey since I planned on painting most of the walls and the ceilings this color. I went with an eggshell sheen just like I did with the closets and pantry.

Guest Room Painting 1 

Since I was pretty much painting by myself I worked wall by wall. I started by painting the edges of one wall and then filling in with the roller. This was the first time in this house that I’ve using the extension pole with the roller and I found it was so much easier to paint with.

Chris did come part way through and helped to do the rolling on the closet wall as well as start painting the ceiling. Once I was done with the rest of the edges I took over with the ceiling painting. It was definitely nice to have the pole for this and not have to move around on the ladder.

Guest Room Painting 4

Here it is after I painted all the flagstone on everything but one wall. I didn’t have to do a second coat on the edges but just for safe measure I came back with the roller and did a second coat on everything I could. I probably could have just touched up a few spots but I always seem to have an issue missing spots and I hate finding them much later.

Guest Room Painting 6

When we I really don’t like the color but once it dries is is such a pretty taupe-y grey color that I just love.

Guest Room Painting 7

Once I finished with the second coat of flagstone I switched to working with the darker colored paint in Zinc.

Guest Room Painting 8

Since I had just finished the flagstone I didn’t want to tape off the wall and risk ruining the paint so I decided to try my hand at cutting in with a brush. I watched a few videos online and then just went for it.

Guest Room Painting 5

This was the first time that I’ve ever used a brush to cut in a wall before. It actually wasn’t too hard and although it didn’t turn out perfectly I think it turned out pretty well.

Guest Room Painting 9

Then all I had to do was fill in the rest of the wall with the roller. It took two coats to fully cover the edges this time and of course I did a second coat with the roller as well.

It’s so weird that at night the wall almost blends into the ceiling. Although you can see the difference in color along the walls the ceilings seems to shadow and blend.

Guest Room Painting 10

Although I prepped the closet when I did the rest of the room I didn’t paint it right away because I couldn’t decided on a color. Since I still had sample pots left over I ended up trying both Love in a Mist and Sharkey Grey out and both looked pretty good. I finally decided to use the Love in a Mist since I like it and I already had paint left over from the pantry and closet painting. It really lightens up the closet and brings a nice subtle hint of blue which looks so pretty with the greys.

Guest Room Painting 11

In the natural light it’s a lot easier to see the contrast of the lighter and darker grey. You can even see that great pale sky blue in the closet.

Guest Room Painting 12

I love the way that the one wall is subtly darker and it’s not a shocking in your face contrast.

Guest Room Painting 13

I’m just in love with the new paint colors. It makes the room look so fresh and updated.

Guest Room Painting 14

Once we moved all the furniture back in the room I loved the paint color even more. I love the look of the darker wall behind the bed. Now I just need something to fill in all that empty space. All in good time.

Guest Room Painting 15

Yay! One more room painted. Now that I’ve tested out the colors in a much larger scale I can’t wait to start painting come of the other rooms I’ve been thinking about.

Guest Room Painting 16

Anyone else painting some rooms? Does it feel like it’s taking your forever?

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