In the Mood in the Master Bedroom

Have you ever been up in the clouds planning something in a perfect little world of your own only to be brought back down to earth when you show someone else? Well that’s what happened when I created a mood board for our master bedroom. So, even though I probably won’t use all of this any more I still spent some time collecting and putting all the items together so I thought it would be fun to share.

As you may already know I’ve been slowly working around the house painting different areas and working on the whole house color palette. One of the rooms on the list is our master bedroom. For a little while now I have been feeling like there is just something missing from this room. I think what it’s missing is cohesive picture of the final result. Here’s a reminder of what it looks like as of now.

Master Bed 2

Soon after we moved in a made the curtains and not long after that I made new cushion covers for the couch. I thought I was trying to be clever and maybe a little daring on mixing the patterns and colors but to be honest I just don’t love it.

One day while doing some of the usual surfing on Pinterest I came across this picture.

Honestly i think it’s a little weird for me to like this because to I don’t really like yellow, but Chris does. Although the more I thought about it I just loved the look of the greys and the sunny yellow accents started to grow on me. I finally just decided to start collecting some pictures of different pieces, fabrics and colors that I liked.

I put it all together and created the following mood board. Some of the items are new and some are items we already have.

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Here’s the list of sources:
1.  Ofelia Vass Gray Duvet Cover from Ikea. Source.
2. Black Hemnes Bed from Ikea (I don’t think this is available any longer)
3. White Hemnes Nightstand from Ikea (I don’t think this is available any longer)
4. Lillberg Couch from Ikea (Purchased years ago and no longer available)
5. Premier Prints Chipper Twill Storm Fabric. Source.
6. Premier Prints Chipper Twill Storm Fabric. Source.
7. Premier Prints Jo Jo Slub Corn Yellow Fabric. Source.
8. Martha Stewart paint in Zinc. Source.
9. Malm Occasional Table from Ikea. Source.
10. Aryd Block Candle Holder from Ikea. Source.
11. Skimmer Block Candle Holder from Ikea. Source.
12. Aryd Block Candle Holder from Ikea. Source.
13. Vift Yellow Block Candle from Ikea. Source.
14. Forsoka Biege Block Candles from Ikea. Source.
15. Wooden Storage Crate Plans from Shanty to Chic. Source.
16. Premier Prints Willow Yellow Fabric. Source.
17. Premier Prints Chipper Slub Corn Yellow Fabric. Source.
18. Premier Prints Chipper Slub Charcoal Fabric. Source.

First of all I wanted to paint the room Zinc like I did with the accent wall in the guest room. As for the furniture we already own the nightstands, bed and couch. For a while i have been planning on painting the couch frame white and I would really like to make new covers out of the fabric in #5. The one new piece of furniture would be to build my own occasional table similar to the Malm table and add some of the accents in the mood board.

I originally wanted to replace the curtains with something out of #6 and #7. This is the major thing that I probably won’t do. I did just make curtains a year ago and spent a decent amount of money and time, totally throwing those out the window and starting over seems ridiculous. Plus Chris told me that he really likes the ones we have. So there’s my call to come down from cloud nine and back to the real world.

So there it is, the mood board that I won’t end up using much of since it really doesn’t go with the curtains. Time for another round of trying to pick new paint colors and figure out how to fix those silly couch covers. I thought I was done with the paint color scheme but it just doesn’t look that way anymore.

Has anyone created a new look for a room your were excited about then decided it was not feasible and started all over?


6 thoughts on “In the Mood in the Master Bedroom

  1. No, sorry I mean, what does your current fabric look like? It’s hard to tell in the photos, it just looks dark.

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