Earth Day Tree Planting

For a while now Chris has been talking about planting some trees along the back of our yard.  In honor of Earth Day our work gave away tree seedlings last week and Chris and I collected 9 trees; 4 douglas fir and 5 noble.

The back of our property pretty much ends before any of the trees that can be seen in the photo below. Chris took the opportunity of the free trees to try to fill in some of the landscape. It will take a while but many years from now there may be a little fuller view in the back.

Earth Day Trees 2

While I was busy inside the house Chris went out last weekend and planted the trees. Below is a picture of each tree taken from left to right as in the view from the picture above.

Earth Day Trees 3 Earth Day Trees 4 Earth Day Trees 5 Earth Day Trees 6 Earth Day Trees 7 Earth Day Trees 8 Earth Day Trees 9 Earth Day Trees 10 Earth Day Trees 11

So there they all are. Hopefully they will last through the year and we can measure them again next year. It will be interesting to see how they do and hopefully many years from now we can enjoy some tall evergreen trees that Chris planted himself.

Earth Day Trees 1

Anyone else plant some trees for Earth Day?


One thought on “Earth Day Tree Planting

  1. Hi Kaity and Chris,

    We enjoy following your Engineering blogs and the energy you have to plan and complete things. I would have a big problem making up my mind about colors and décor but you seem to know exactly how everything makes you feel. We want to come see it in the near future. I like the tree planting part, too. Make sure they get enough water in the summer. My brother used to tell me that’s the most important thing until their roots get a good start.

    Hope you’re having lots of fun with your projects, and it looks like you surely are.

    Love, Grandma

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