The Shed Saga Continues

Even though we “finished” building our shed last summer it seems that we weren’t really done. As soon as the weather got a little warmer less rainy Chris jumped at the chance to finish the last big stage of the shed. He has been planning on adding a lean-to on the back of the shed for a while now. He has wanted to not only shelter the dog kennel but also to be able to add some more covered storage.

Chris started out by attaching a 2×6 board to the shed. To do this he had to remove a single row of siding. Then out on the edge of the concrete slab he built a frame of two 4×4’s and a 4×6 header. After the framework was together he cut and attached rafters using brackets.

Lean To 1

Once the rafters were in place Chris cut to screwed up the trim. With the trim in place he added the plywood sheeting on top and then stapled on the tar paper.

Lean To 2

Chris didn’t want to leave the pressure treated 4×4 posts unfinished so we came up with an inexpensive solution; cedar fence boards.

Lean To 3

Chris cut a bunch of pieces to size first. Then he held them in place while I nailed them up. Here’s what the first post looked like when we were almost done.

Lean To 4

Chris was worried it would start to rain soon so he left the pillars and finished the roofing. Again Chris pretty much did all the work here. I mostly just helped lay out the shingles so that he could nail them down.

Lean To 5

Here’s the glamour shots of the new lean-to all finished. Roofing is on and posts are finished.

Lean To 6

I think the posts turned out pretty good and blend well with the rest of the shed.

Lean To 7

Now I guess we can move onto the next outdoor project. Maybe we’ll wait until it get’s a little warmer first.

Lean To 8

Has anyone else not been able to wait for nicer weather to start an outside project?

For more info on the shed check out the posts here, here and here.


2 thoughts on “The Shed Saga Continues

  1. Looks good, Chris. What kind of wrapping was that? Are you going to paint or stain it? Will it leak in between each piece? Grandma

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