Paint It Like You Mean It

Surprise, surprise I’ve been painting again! Well the buy 2 get one for a dollar sale is still going on at my local paint store so I took the chance to get another three gallons of paint.

This time around I painted the sewing room. With some help from Chris I was able to do all the painting in one weekend and get everything back in the room Monday night. I love when a project takes only a weekend.

I knew that painting the room, especially the ceiling with everything in the room would be too difficult. So Chris helped me to drag everything out of the room and put it in the dining and living room. We had to lock up some of the stuff in the powder room so that the cats couldn’t get to it.

Painting Sewing Room 1

Once everything was out I taped off all the molding, around the light and laid out the plastic to cover the floor.

Painting Sewing Room 2

Just as I was getting ready to paint I noticed a certain cat named Marshall had taken up residence on top of one of my shelves. I made the perfect cat spot just getting all the stuff out of the room.

Painting Sewing Room 4

Now back to the room. I started off by painting the ceiling. (It’s always easier to paint the ceiling first.) This time around I decided to the paint the ceiling in Sunken Pool by Martha Stewart. Just like last time I had it paint matched in the Acro Pure paint.

Painting Sewing Room 3

As usual I went around all the edges first and then came back with the roller. It’s always so awkward to paint the ceiling the only way I feel like I can get the right pressure it by standing right underneath the roller. At least this ceiling isn’t huge.

Painting Sewing Room 5

I was only able to paint the two coats on the ceiling on Saturday. I cleaned up all my supplies but accidentally left the room open all night. When I woke up there were quite a a few holes in the plastic. The cats really do like the plastic.

Painting Sewing Room 6

Back to the paint; Here’s what the ceiling looked like when I came back in the next morning. So pretty even without the walls painted.

Painting Sewing Room 7

Part of painting the ceiling was deciding what parts to actually paint. You see there’s a beam that runs across the room and leave a small broken piece of ceiling. It’s hard to see in the photo but I decided to keep that awkward corner the same color as the walls.

Painting Sewing Room 8

Speaking of the walls I went with Zinc by Martha Stewart this time. Just like I did on the accent wall in the guest room. I had about a half gallon left over from painting the wall so I mixed the two cans together just in case the colors weren’t an exact match.

Painting Sewing Room 9

A while back we heard a tip on Ask This Old House that you should use a nail to pound holes in the rim of the paint can. This way the paint will drain out back into the can. I’ve actually been doing this for a while now. It doesn’t keep the paint from dripping down the front of the can when but it does help to drain out of the rim little by little.

Painting Sewing Room 10

Once the paint was mixed we got to painting the walls. For the first coat I did most of the edges and tight corners while Chris came behind with the roller.

I couldn’t resist adding this picture in. Here’s some evidence that Chris did help paint. I am also told this position is the only way to paint high walls.

Painting Sewing Room 11

After the first coat dried then I came back and used the roller to paint a second coat on the insides of the walls since the edges were already well covered.

Painting Sewing Room 12

It really is amazing how much the paint color changes as the paint dries.

Painting Sewing Room 13

After I finished the second coat we immediately pulled off all the tape.

Then of course I stood back and admired our work. I love the contrast of the Sunken Pool and the Zinc paint. The dark color makes the ceiling pop that much more.

Painting Sewing Room 14

Here’s a shot of what the corner by the door ended up looking like. I’m glad I just went with painting it all grey instead of trying to paint the ceiling teal. It all just blends together.

Painting Sewing Room 15

I tried to take another shot a little closer to show the colors. The grey is pretty true to life here but the teal is a little brighter in person I think.

Painting Sewing Room 16

Once the paint was dry I put back all the outlet plates and moved all the furniture back in.

Painting Sewing Room 17

I took this as a great opportunity to try out a different layout in the room.

Painting Sewing Room 18

I switched the chair to the other side of the room and relocated the plastic drawers out from under the tables. Everything isn’t in the perfect place yet but it looks pretty good.

Painting Sewing Room 19

I think the dark color looks pretty great with all the white furniture and all the bright colored fabrics and accents.

Painting Sewing Room 20

I feel like I’m finally getting really close to being able to call this room finished!

*Update: This room is being converted into the nursery but I’m keeping the paint colors!

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